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  1. I need to spray selected vector objects, ideally symbols, so I can live-edit them. Currently there is no such thing in Affinity Designer. Since it doesn't support scripting/plugins I had to create a standalone util that scatters svg object across the canvas, so I could export an object, scatter it, and re-import the result back to AD. It's not a very convenient workflow :) I'd prefer if I could do something like this natively in AD. Or it would be even better if Affinity apps supported scripting
  2. Hello again. It would be great to have a spray tool in Affinity Designer to scatter selected objects ( or just symbol(s) ) with configurable deviation of position/rotation/scale and opacity. I imagine it won't be very hard to implement and it would be very useful. Thanks!
  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is also relevant for tiling textures. I have to manually rasterize (save to file) something to tile it through Fill Tool -> Type: Bitmap. A vector alternative would be to make a whole bunch of symbols, place them side by side and nest into a shape, but it's not very convenient.
  4. Hello Affinity Designer development team! I'm using Affinity Designer for game art, and the introduction of symbols in 1.5 is incredibly helpful! It would be great if it was possible to use a symbol as a curve stroke. Currently there is no way of bending vector objects in any way, and the only way to conform something to a path is to save it to raster image and create a textured brush out of it. It's not a very productive workflow :) Thanks!
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