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  1. Hi, sorry it took so long to reply. I'm using OS X EL Capitan 13-inch Retina early 2015 2,9GHz Intel i5 8GB Ram. It seems to happen with all my files, very random. Sometimes I can just work but often even just starting to edit text starts lagging the software. Even to the point where I just have to wait 10+ seconds for the text to become edited / selected / editable / ... The text can be in a Text Frame of just on its own, with or without FX. And with editing, I mean just the contents of the text, not the color of font, that's all fine but typing / selecting / editing even switching from the type to the select tool while editing text just makes Designer lag and sometimes even crash. Also it's not related to the font the text it's in, I tried it and regardless of font the same issue continues.
  2. This should be a persona! But I get it not being in the roadmap, animation is a whole different creature to create a work-enviroment for.
  3. I have the same problem; Dell 27" Ultrasharp Monitor (U2715H) MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) For me, the problems seems to be resolved (not 100% sure, still got a full day of work ahead of me. What I did is enable "Use only integrated GPU". http://imgur.com/a/nPRmo Again, haven't run through every situation but at first glance this appears to resolve my issue. I'll edit this post if I run into a scenario where the bug re-appears. I've been using these settings for several days now and the problem is completely gone, also works for Photo.
  4. Hi, A lot of times when I use the texttool Affinity Designer starts getting really slow and sometimes just stops responding. This almost always happens when I want to change the content of an existing text-object. Any fixes for this?
  5. Are there plans to add this to 1.6? It would be a great great help in webdesign.
  6. I'd like to see this feature aswel. Indeed using textstyles works but it doesn't feel intuitive. I like textstyles and symbols separated like it is now but the Symbols panel should indeed offer some options to edit text content.
  7. Hi, Why should I make a file to later embed in another project when it doesn't reopen this file but creates a copy "<embedded>", this should either change the native file or there should be a function for me to create an embedded file straight from the main project. Current workflow is weird.
  8. Hi, I started working with separated mode and I've noticed that when I alt tab of any other way of switching to another program bugs history in that when I return to Affinity Designer, after using another program, the history panel doesn't always show the correct history, it shows the history of a workfield that isn't currently used but on the background, cmd+z also influences the panel on the background and not the active panel on the forground.
  9. ​Hi, My company has started using Affinity Designer on the work floor and it's been great! But it got us thinking that a Developer persona would be very useful, where our developers could just click sections and get the full html / css structure, code, just a copy paste away from making it into the code. Maybe allow a view of the flow through the app via arrows so the developer has a good idea of the user-journey through the interface. The persona could also be used to view several states of an object, like an input field that returns and error or a button in a different state. I think this would tie in nicely with the 1.5 release that made interface work in Affinity so much more attractive and improve the flow between designers and developers. Thanks for reading.
  10. I know this will probably take a lot of work but I'd love a good toolkit to animate my SVG files for the web. Icons, ui elements. SVG is becoming a more prominent and important part of webdesign however, it takes way to much time to fine-tune an animation, not to mention the amount of repetitive code for really simple animations. As proven, you guys know how to make very easy-to-use environment for complex stuff, so I can't imagine how fun it would be to tweak my animations within the Affinity environment. Or just an all new piece of software!
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