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  1. I'm in Affinity Photo, I can't find anything about Assets? Is that a Affinity Designer thing only? (Designer is on my wishlist for Christmas. Right now I use Inkscape for my vector needs)
  2. I did check to make sure it was set to native display, and it was still not correct. I have literally tried it in all monitor settings (I have an older monitor at the moment. I'm upgrading next year).
  3. That's what I ended up doing (before I saw you post). Thank you though for the zoom tinkering suggestion. Since, annoyingly Affinity doesn't let you make custom templates, I've had to make Project Templates (Just need to remember to open one of those first instead of just opening affinity straight up and going to work like I normally do), and included the zoom grid. Gave myself a nice big reminder of what the zoom needs to be at for real life accuracy (or close enough for my needs.) Now to go do the same for my other template sizes. And before ya'all think I'm such a girl for having so much pink... I hate pink. Which is why I use it as my 'call to attention' colour, as it's usually not found in my projects, so stands out.
  4. My monitor IS at 1440 x 900, and has been this whole time. I checked other resolutions, and it was still off.
  5. Hi h_d, Thanks. That didn't solve it. Since everyone is convinced it's a monitor issue, I guess I'll just have to find a work-around until I replace my monitor next year. (I guess I'll make a grid with 1x1 squares and just have that as a layer to use in every project so that I know what my scale is looking like at a glance.) I'm still not convinced it's a monitor issue, since I don't have the same issue with using other software. (Scaling for various device screens isn't an issue for me at all. My end product is print, which is why I want to be able to see it at 100% accurate size, even if it means on my screen I only see a fraction of it at a time.) Thanks for your help though.
  6. Okay, this is just making me feel even more dumb, or maybe I didn't explain my needs properly. To see Real Life Actual Size (print), it shouldn't matter what my monitor size is (unless I want to see the whole thing in one go, which I'm not asking for) If something is set at 12 inches by 12 inches, and I ask to see it's actual size, then the project should 12 inches by 12 inches (and require me to scroll up and down, and left or right depending on the size of my monitor. I have a 15 inch monitor btw, so I should be able to see the majority of my project, again that's not the issue), and I should be able to line up a ruler and see that 1 inch is actually 1 inch. If this is not the case, than Affinity is using misleading verbage for 'Actual Size'. When I click 'Actual Size': When I click "Pixel Size" yes, I can see that its at 17.2% (first image) and 100% (second image), but neither one of them are correct. I literally just need to be able to occasionally check that the object I'm making is accurate real life/print size while I'm working. I'm not asking to work at this size the entire time, but I just occasionally. (Because there is a big difference in how something looks on fabric when it's either 1 inch or 1.5 inch, or even 0.5 inch. I previously was always working in vector based programs (not Affinity Designer, though that was on my to purchase list), and never had this problem. I could see my project at 100% accuracy with just the click of a button.
  7. Hi there, I did try researching this, but didn't find a conclusive resolution. And this seems like it should be really easy to find the answer to, but I'm just not getting it. I need the ability to see my project in "actual" size, and I cannot obtain that no matter how much I fiddle with things. Neither "Actual Size" or "Pixel Size" in View/Zoom give me an accurate on screen size. (I know this, because I've gone so far as to hold up a real life measure over the the affinity ruler) My needs are: 300 DPI 12x12 inch minimum canvas size (sometimes I work larger, anywhere up to 36x60", but never smaller than 12x12") I create fabric patterns that are digitally printed, so the DPI has to be 300. From what I can gather, the only way to see actual real life size, is to do have it in Points. Not being familiar with Points for measurement, nor math being my strong suit.... what size in Points do I need to have it to achieve 12x12@300dpi ?
  8. Yes, I am aware. There are several options as it is digitally printed. However, I was looking into figuring out what the type differences were in laymen terms and which might best fit my needs.
  9. Toltec, Thank you, that was the information I needed. And I work in both depending on the design. Thanks.
  10. Hi, So sorry if this is a silly question. I've just got started with Affinity Photo after having used a very outdated version of Adobe as well as Inkscape for my vector needs. I love Affinity Photo and I cannot wait till I get my hands on Affinity Designer. Moving along. I'm trying to set up my templates and have gotten stuck a bit. I am designing patterns to be printed onto fabric. Which are sent digitally to my printer company. What would be the best 'Type' of new document to select? Print, Press Ready, Photo, Web, Devices I know I need 300dpi for quality, but I wasn't sure if the type mattered at all, or which would be best for my situation, as yes it's going to be printed, but on fabric. But I also will be showing the images on my website/devices which is where my customer base will be (as opposed to seeing fabrics in a brick and mortar shop). Help please? And thank you in advance.
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