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  1. Unfortunately very true. Affinity completely ignored AD's roadmap to make the iPad versions and Publisher.
  2. This is sad. This thread is from 2014. Almost 5 years waiting on a feature so I can ditch Photoshop and Illustrator.
  3. Thanks for this update, I'm a little late on this one. I agree with both @nezumi and @WaveF. On one side we have Adobe adding a bunch of stuff no one needs/cares about, on the other side we have this four-years-old roadmap for Affinity Designer that is not getting done anytime soon. I'm still using AD for simple stuff or early project phase, but all my final work is done in PS. I really o appreciate all the hard work put into Designer, Photo and Publisher, but it's obvious that Affinity is biting way more than it can chew. Start charging for updates, I don't know, find a way to get a larger team so development can move faster. The roadmap was posted in 2014! 4 years waiting for distort tool!
  4. Is this restricted to professional cameras? I have a Xiomi 4K camera for recording video but it also takes pictures in RAW format.
  5. Thanks for explaining, MEB. I wonder why is this not the default behaviour as in many other design tools. Also, the description of that setting in Portuguese doesn't really say what it does. It's completely nonsense, so if you could please ask the developers to review it... Translates back into english as "Move the restriction to the tool aspect". What?! I would have never figured it out.
  6. Hello Serif team, I am wondering what is the reasoning behind the inconstant behavior of the Shift key when transforming different kinds of objects in Affinity Designer. Examples: Transforming a single shape with shift key pressed - scales proportionally Transforming a single image with shift key pressed - scales freely (out of proportion) Transforming a group (either a group of images, a group of shapes or mixed) with shift key pressed - scales freely Transforming a text frame with shift key pressed - scales freely Transforming a selection of many shapes (ungrouped) with shift key pressed - scales proportionally In all the cases above the shift key is being pressed while dragging the handles, why don't they all behave the same? Shouldn't a modifier key always apply the same modification to the same tool (transform, in this case)? It is such a headache to change the behaviour you're used to depending on what's selected, or what's grouped or not. This doesn't make sense to me from an usability perspective. i"m running latest public AD in Windows 10 (also latest).
  7. Great detail and styling. I own quite a bit of synths and wanted to make illustrations of them for t-shirts but I usually give up by the 11th knob
  8. Cool idea. Personally I find the original icons hideous, but you managed to keep the identity and expand on the concept, so they all fit together. Well done!
  9. Congratulations, this is really cool! Loving the interviews and peeks at internal processes. Well done, Affinity!
  10. This is great stuff, @Ben and Serif team. Well done! Can't wait for the update. Will certainly move me a step closer to ditching Photoshop/Illustrator.
  11. Hello all, In Photoshop it is quite easy to do a "pixel-stretch" effect on a bitmap layer (such as a photo) by selecting a row or column of single pixels then scaling it (see picture below). When I try to do this in Affinity Designer (in Pixel mode), the pixel row/column is resized and smoothed out, becoming a gradient. How can I avoid this and get the same effect as in Photoshop?
  12. Is there a way to save the gradient being added as an FX to the Gradient swatches instead of an FX style? I do not see the option at all.
  13. This is an issue for me too, just when the pixel grid offset bug got solved, this comes up... The work-around of expanding the object in a larger size doesn't seem to solve the issue @Molumen showcased, where the strokes become this weird blobs instead of rounded rectangles.
  14. Hey guys, congrats on 1.6 and thanks for the freebies! However, the chalky fonts and textures are downloading reeeeaaaally slow (like 9kb/s) while Steam is downloading normally at 5mb/s, so it's not something on my side. Donno if it's something you can fix at all, just wanted to let you know. Thanks!
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