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  1. I'm puzzled! Back in the day we photogs considered DOF (or selective focus...whatever) as part of image previsualization. After all—no digital makeovers, no chimping and so on back then... If realistic effects are required why not go about it the way it should be done—in the camera!
  2. Quite simply—you can't! All you (we) can do is calibrate and keep our fingers crossed...
  3. Hi dho, If you set your document colour profiles in APh and PS as James has pointed out you should obtain colour consistency between these apps. Perhaps you should uncheck 'convert open files to working space' (in PS as well) until this issue is sorted? Ok — ACDSee Ultimate. I used Ultimate 10 for a while (it's one or two versions back from the current). On screen my images were more contrasty—overly so—compared to both APh and PS. They were also overly sharp (a bit like an unsharp mask on steroids). I was never able to obtain a document profile match even though it had the same colour profile loaded as both APh and PS. Needless to say it's no longer on my machine and won't be reinstalled.
  4. I've just checked with Viveza (old/free). My sRGB files (exported for web in PS CS6) open colour correct in APh Viveza as stated above by jmoren. However my ProPhoto files — A) Opened in APh and then converted to sRGB and B) APh colour profile in Preferences changed to sRGB with convert checked unfortunately are not colour accurate when opened in Viveza. The files have to be zoomed to 100% for colour accuracy as has been established. I'm also using APh (Windows 10). Edit — My standard in APh is ProPhoto RGB with 'convert files to working space' unchecked ...don't like unwanted surprises!
  5. The Viveza discolouration can be largely overcome by zooming to 100% when in Viveza (ie the old/free Viveza and in Windows—I have no idea with Mac nor the new version). Admittingly it's not ideal for obvious reasons however it's a workaround. Eventually of course APh will be so awesome we won't need 3rd party plugins
  6. Beautiful images Jens! Both your diving and photographic experience/skills are evident.
  7. Yes! Satori FilmFX 64 was the pro app. Satori Paint was sold at a much cheaper price and eventually given away in computer mags. If I recall correctly there was a Web FX as well. The developers were Spaceward Graphics in Cambridge UK. The staff member who frequented the Satori forum was Mark Graham. Superb software! I used FilmFX 64 from 2000 until about 2005. Unfortunately Spaceward went under in the early 2000's (maybe earlier?). Interestingly Spaceward Graphics was originally an audio recording studio — Spaceward Studios
  8. Love the pareidolia face on the back wall of the Arizona Monsoon Ruins image ...in good taste!
  9. On my ageing ASUS ROG G750JS laptop (bought July 2014) from double clicking a Pentax 16MB .DNG raw file APh launches and opens the file in 13 sec. That time includes APh loading 537 active fonts (and whatever else it needs to do). Opening the same .DNG from inside APh takes just under 4 sec (ie File > Open Recent). Specs: Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.4Ghz (Turbo 3.4 GHz) Quad-core Processor (4th Gen) 16 GB DDR3 RAM 1.5TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive, 256 GB Solid-State Drive (APh installed on SSD) 17-Inch screen, GeForce GTX 870M 3GB Windows 10 Home
  10. In the Assistant Manager on the toolbar have you selected in 'Lens corrections' the 'Take no action' option? My Pentax fisheye files (.DNG) open as shot with the 'Take no action' option selected.
  11. In the old Viveza the image needs to be zoomed to 100% for accurate colour. (edit — Viveza inside APh that is). Perhaps it's the same in the new Viveza?
  12. There certainly is...workaround that is. Zoom to 100% view in Viveza. Hopefully this will be fixed in APhot 1.7
  13. Nice work! I really like the grunge like graphic style of the third one (2016).
  14. I wonder if it's the same field the dog has lost his ball
  15. Hi Nilla. First of all I think your post should be the 'Questions' section—it may not get noticed here. What I suggest is contacting your site host and ask them what their printing company requires—ie file type (highly likely to be .jpg) and DPI. The subject of DPI generally, resizing at different DPI and print input/output can be quite bewildering. 300 DPI, the magic number that's considered to be the de facto, is not necessary correct nor required. The print company may accept DPI at 160 to 200 DPI. They may have software that lifts 72 DPI to their required DPI (I use OnOne's Perfect Resize for that purpose). When you have that info then you're in a better position regarding what's required and how to output/save from AP. My site host is SmugMug. Are you using them by any chance? SmugMug File Preparation
  16. The completed image, to me, has a kind of surreal look—in particular the buildings to the right of the tall tower plus the water and reflections. The tree branches on the left add to the surrealism imho
  17. I'm not having that issue copying into Inkscape (current ver. 0.92.3) with 'Copy items as SVG' checked in AD. In Inkscape I checked at max magnification (25,600%) and the vector is as it should be. I don't have/use Corel or Xara so can't comment on those.
  18. Superb colouring! You have the talent Gab... My only concern is the original image ...front soldier's pinky thrusted into the rear soldier's nose. Not a good look. Bad Gestalt! Moving the camera toward the right (if possible—in the heat of the battle?) would have framed both beautifully
  19. Agreed! (to the area in question being part of the wall, not the uniform). However it looks like to me there could have been retouching done to narrow the waist (due to juxtapositioning with the jacket sleeve?)
  20. The area in question looks unnaturally clean. Perhaps the original print has been retouched? https://www.peterdinnan.com/ photography with strong elements of mood, abstraction, pareidolia, gestalt and the morphics
  21. www.peterdinnan.com

  22. Hate to be a party pooper here however TMY is a _Black & White_ film
  23. 'this is just a curves adjustment tool for ansel adams fans' Are you confident in what you've stated here MBd? The zone mapper tool is quite versatile and IMO a lot more efficient than using curves. In fact I'd be hard pushed getting results from curves compared to the zone mapper! With this tool one can lock off tonalities (zones) then expand (or contract) narrow bands of tones... rather clever, and very simple if one has a working knowledge of the zone system. I won't go into the depths of zone system tonal/texture control here except to say the zone mapper is based on the original 10 zones Ansel (and Fred Archer) pioneered (and later abandoned to 11 — fortunately the 10 zones were kept alive by Fred Picker and others}. The panel drops out zone 0 (pure black) and zone IX (pure white) therefore retaining 8 zones broken into half steps (stops) — 16 tonal steps in total. The versatility within these 16 steps offers tonality/texture control IMO much greater than curves offered currently with other image editors. The only other editor I'm aware of that comes close is ACDSee's Ultimate (current version 10) - their LIght EQ does pretty much the same... but, of course geared up for the digital photographer who may or may not have an understanding of zone systems...or anything to do with the alchemy of the golden days of silver and smelly chemicals :) Exposing to the right is ...well, ok. Recognition of tonalities and exposing for is, well, more desirable — and I'm not talking about full tonal range images. I constantly drop tones from my abstract style images. ;)
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