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  1. More of a question. One way of creating an artificial studio background with a light effect is to make a backdrop, draw a circle or ellipse and run a guassian blur (usually maxing the setting). However compared to photoshop Photos guassian blur is nowhere near strong enough to look realistic. Is there another way to achieve this ?
  2. I'm getting similar issues, but with exporting JPGs out of the latest version of Photo on Win10 - with a Spyder 5 Express Calibrated Dell U2415 Monitor. Used to have no problems shooting in Adobe RGB, then editing in LR and PS Elements in Adobe RGB then a final export to jpg in SRGB (for clients) but unfortunately with using Affinity Photo I'm getting red tinges to exports. So theres either an issue with the software or Im doing something completely wrong (like to think I'm reasonably competant). If I'm setting up Photo wrong - perhaps a bit more work on the help documentation needs to occur to aid people with hardware calibrated monitors to set things up correctly
  3. @firstdefence I perfer the wider gamut of Adobe RGB which is why my camera and subsequently On1 Raw + Affinity Photo all use this setting. The only reason for the final conversion is that when I provide digital images to clients. When I convert for web publishing or social media I use png as an export via Affinity and the colouring is spot on, its only jpg exporting that for me at least is finiky. I guess if theres no way around I'll just need export client shots in On1 instead which, while not the end of the world, is an additional step. When viewing the images side by side in affinity and on1 they all match so it doesnt appear to be any file generation issues. The strangest thing for me is that this is happening when it hasnt previously with others software - case in point exporting via Photoshop Elements (before I left adobe) was perfect.
  4. to avoid any possible issue with two profiles being presented I've deleted the unused one, rebooted the pc to ensure the profile loads correctly and have retried an export. The left is On1s export opened in Win10 Photos the right version is the equivalent Affinity Photo SRGB export. I think that rules out any ICC clashes
  5. @walt.farrell as mentioned above the image, its the spyder 5 icc profile. You can choose the name for the profile and I elected to keep the dell U2415 name of my adapter
  6. @DWright this is my profile, ignoring the dell filename its a datacolor Spyder 5 Express generated profile
  7. hi @DWright has anything further happened with this or is it unable to be replicated and hence closed off ?
  8. @Roger C nothing back from Affinity officially yet. I had a play with another image and exported it twice out of Photo. - One exported as Adobe RGB, the other as SRGB. The Adobe version looks more like the original when viewed through Windows 10 photo viewer, the SRGB again still exhibits the redness. The kicker is that when I load the SRGB version back into Photo it looks correct, and some people on other windows forums have indicated that it could be an issue with Windows 10 apps not acknowledging ICC profiles, and the effect is more prevalent on wide gamut monitors. The strange thing is that On1 Photo Raw's exporting of a SRGB JPG doesnt have this issue, I realise that different programs do things differently to get the same result but it does seem a drastic difference. That leads me on to another question.......if one supplys images to clients as jpg files who wont necessarily be using a calibrated system and may be using Windows 10. How should we export files to ensure they receive what we as photographers see
  9. I've checked a number of times to ensure the profiles are consistent with each programs export and they are.
  10. The original file comes in from On1 Photo Raw as a TIFF file, is edited in Affinity Photo and converted to SRGB then exported by going into the file menu and selecting export jpg. The settings keep the same document size, 100 % quality, the resampling is the second to last option (though I believe I've had issues with other resampling methods also). I've used the allow document settings for the color profile and also manunally overridden to select srgb but have similar incorrect color results. The odd thing is that I also export to PNG for smaller web versions of the same original TIFF and the results are what they should be.
  11. I've posted this elsewhere but have been recommended to post as a potential bug. 1st image is affinity photo after being converted to srgb from Adobe rgb. The send photo is the result of exporting the edited file (in this case a tiff) to the highest quality jpg (the result is the same if I use the photos colour setting or I manually override it to state srgb). The third photo is a export from On1 photo raw of the same tiff file. The affinity editor and the On1 export are consistent however the affinity export is very red and does not match. The latest non beta version of photo is being used and it's on a win 10 pc
  12. Hi all. I'm having a mare with getting photo on windows to export to jpg correctly. I'm getting a huge red cast on skin. The images are edited in Adobe rgb, converted to srgb before exporting . The first image is from photo. The second is jpg export and the third is from a On1 photoraw export ...1 and 3 are as expected yet 1 and 2 differ...help
  13. DJI Drones can output raws + jpgs - would this be helpful ??
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