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  1. Lorenz

    Desert Fox

    @Ros Oh, yes! I did this, but thanks for posting this. This is the kind of tips I wanted to hear
  2. Lorenz

    Day Against Racism

    For a competition against racism I made this poster and... I won. Thanks serif! Vorschlag Nr.4.5.pdf
  3. Lorenz

    Desert Fox

    This is my profile picture for this forum in a larger size. Hope you like it! #DesertFox Oh, and critique is welcome!
  4. Lorenz

    Stoned caterpillar

    @phathaiotanphu Thanks, dude
  5. Lorenz

    Stoned caterpillar

    I made a little desktop background for myself. Don't know why I chose a stoned caterpillar in a weed field , but I like him. His name is Julius
  6. Thanks a lot for this fast answer. Hopefully you can do this in the next updates.
  7. Can u produce a pattern along a curve like it works with text objects? Would be great if I get an answer.