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  1. affinity4Christ15

    Files opening in Grayscale

    Yes, same problem here! Just started doing this too. When importing pdf's it automatically--and quite destructively-- converts to greyscale without asking and with no ability to correct it. Please, please, please fix this nuisance of a bug that is happening in both Designer AND Photo, because that's what it absolutely is. Thank you.
  2. affinity4Christ15

    Some new projects

    Very very nice work!!! I love these
  3. affinity4Christ15

    Demon doodle

    WOAH!!!!! Killer
  4. affinity4Christ15

    Toy Photography

    Are you also a 3D artist?
  5. affinity4Christ15


    Excellent words! Thanks for writing this. I agree 100%
  6. affinity4Christ15


    WOW! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing
  7. affinity4Christ15

    NEW! YouTube Channel using AD IPAD PRO - my Techniques

    Awesome video! Liked and subbed
  8. affinity4Christ15

    Soccer Player

  9. affinity4Christ15

    affinity photo floral illustration

    This is so good! Proof that it doesn't have to be fancy to be amazing. Brilliant work, and yes, AP and AD both have put PS off the radar for me, don't need it anymore!
  10. affinity4Christ15

    Peanuts in the Era of Helicopter Parenting

    This is really great! Keep up the work, you're onto something cool here.
  11. affinity4Christ15

    Deck of playing cards I've been working on

    I think it's brilliant! Great work
  12. affinity4Christ15

    Don't ask me, it was the computer!

    This is phenomenal!
  13. affinity4Christ15

    [ADe] Book Cover - The War Of The Worlds

    not a fan of the font at all. I wouldn't use trite overused typeface in this, it's way too cool for that!