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  1. Maybe Affinity will step up their game after reading all these embarrassing comments? Who knows. I want to love AD, but like so many, we're left crawling back to AI (kill me now)!
  2. affinity4Christ15

    Bear Gulch

    This is stunning work!
  3. affinity4Christ15

    Lambretta - Affinity Designer

    Tis is great work!
  4. It does the same exact thing with the Vector Brush. Screen Capture 393.mp4 Screen Capture 393.mp4
  5. affinity4Christ15

    My First project in Affinity Photo

    Keep up the good work
  6. affinity4Christ15

    Blue haired girl

    Very cool!!!!!
  7. affinity4Christ15

    Learning to Vector

    I love this TWICE! Once for being great art, yet again for being ES Breton! I actually am a Breton, but I took an arrow to the knee so my wandering days in Skyrim are over... LOL!
  8. affinity4Christ15

    Blend technic

    Alfred nailed it!
  9. affinity4Christ15

    Shedding a Light on the Subject

    This is some seriously radical work!! Album cover material for sure (that's what I do, artwork for signed bands). We need THIS in our midst!
  10. So, I show to work today, open up Affinity Designer like normal, open a saved file for a Sign, and all my fonts are mysteriously missing even though they are still on my Mac and have changed nothing. What the heck?!?!!! I'm about on my last leg with AD until they fix their software! Bugs. Crash. Glitch. Crash. More bugs. It was NEVER like this before! Why did my fonts disappear? Any one else have this issue and what to do? Thank you and forgive my frustration, surely you understand. Again, I've used this file, opened it many times and used it for printing with no problems, but suddenly just one day out of the blue AD decides to jettison my fonts from the file?! This is unacceptable just like the software is becoming more and more with each "update."
  11. I'm sorry, but the proposal to use the 3D FX as a suitable "workaround" is not only unsuitable, it is 100% unable to remotely achieve what is being asked here. It seems a "mod" would know better than that. That (cheap if you ask me) 3D tool can absolutely NOT achieve intricate realistic 3D lighting effects. It almost always looks amateur when used. Having the ability to curve gradients seems pretty much like a no-brainer feature that surely many others have also seen the obvious need for before me ???
  12. affinity4Christ15

    Poster Design - Speed Art

    Awesome work Thanks for sharing with us.
  13. My issue seems to be I need help with this serious issue please: I'm making a 4"w x 2"H rounded corner label with a 1/8" radius (.125") for the corners. My document size is bonafide 4" by 2" artboard, and inches as the type, so everything should be 100% to scale. I have Absolute Sizes and Single Radius both checked. I type in my 1/8" corner value (.125 in.). However, when exported and sent to printer even though typed in ".125 for my corner radius (because that's what the label template calls for) the corners NEVER line up to the .125 radius of the actual label. This makes no sense to me, what is going on here? Thanks
  14. Still "crickets" I see! Seems to be a developing habit with Affinity here recently. Sheesh. Guess I have to keep AI for another year now,
  15. Thanks. The extra button shows up hit and miss. Seems really buggy to me!

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