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  1. I like #2 best, the black and grey one. Excellent!
  2. The textual component is also fabulous! Great writing... ethereally poetic!
  3. This is absolutely stellar work! Thank you for sharing
  4. You're missing out on Blender bro, just saying...I'd suggest making that more of a focus
  5. Thanks Walt. Unfortunately I'm all logged in to the App Store and it also is demanding a re-purchase! This is just awful!
  6. Hello Affinity. I bought AD over 6 years ago, and more recently the other 2 apps in the suite. Because of some terrible issues with AD I was told by you all to uninistall-reinstall and when I went to my login to find my download link, the link to download Designer is gone, as well as Photo. This was not the case last year when I got this new Mac I have now. All three of my download links were there and I was able to successfully install them on it, but now 2 of them are gone, and now I'm at work... on the clock... with no Affinity Designer! Please respond with how to fix this as soon as possible, thank you!
  7. Now they just need to work on their Exporting options, like an actual EPS export that works as expected, add a bonafide vector trace, and voila!
  8. By the way, GREAT character! The community over at CG Cookie would love it, you should submit it.
  9. I am having the same issue...all the sudden! Been using AD for 8 years!
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