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  1. Thank you Chris. [CNTL] and Clear worked... . the App is behaving properly now.
  2. After switching to the Export Persona and exporting, clicking on the Draw or the Pixel Persona will not return to the selected persona. It appears that, although the Studio does not appear, parts of the Draw personal do work although are not seen eg. clicking and dragging in the area where the Navigator should be will move around the canvas. Assets tho not seen in the studio can still be dragged to the canvas. I have tried this with a couple of files so it does not appear to be a problem with a corrupted file. Quitting Designer and re-opening Designer resets everything but the problem re-occurs if switched to the Export Persona. I am using an older OS (Mavericks) Latest MAS version of Designer V1.6.0 The attached .mov demonstrates some of the problems. affinity.mov
  3. My Niece suspects a Fox is behind the recent disappearance of some of her Chickens on the farm!
  4. I am not sure how I got into this situation. I had edited an image and when I tried to quit the program, It would not Quit. I tried Cmd Q -- a beep but no Quit. I tried using the File Menu Quit. -- Greyed out ( see screen shot 1 ) Quit on the Dock Icon (right click icon) The Quit menu item appears available, but selecting it did not quit the program ( screen shot 2 ) I closed the window ( cmd W ) and opened a new document and tried quitting again -- No Quit. I was going to "Force Quit" the application but tried closing the current document by click on the red close button on the top left of the window. The Program Quit. I have opened and closed and Quit several documents since, but have not had a re-occurrence of the issue. Affinity Photo 1.5.1 iMac 21" Late 2010 OS X 10.9.5
  5. I think my wife bought this little bud vase in a garage sale many years ago. I used CD-textured packs and CD-Monet Oil strokes brush sets for most of the textured strokes.
  6. Thanks MEB. I am enjoying AD & really appreciate the Tutorials. I tried Illustrator a while ago when I had access through my employer. Couldn't master it. Did okay with FireWorks, but I will be sticking with Affinity Designer from now on.
  7. This is a small Blue Vase we purchased in Eastern France a few years ago. All drawn in Affinity Designer except I used Affinity Photo & the technique in the 3d drawing tutorial (Duplicate, Define Edges, Mask from Layer , Gaussian Blur) to soften the outside edges a tad.
  8. I occasionally do Macro... the ability to do 'focus stacking" would be a welcome addition to the app.
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