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  1. My Niece suspects a Fox is behind the recent disappearance of some of her Chickens on the farm!
  2. I am not sure how I got into this situation. I had edited an image and when I tried to quit the program, It would not Quit. I tried Cmd Q -- a beep but no Quit. I tried using the File Menu Quit. -- Greyed out ( see screen shot 1 ) Quit on the Dock Icon (right click icon) The Quit menu item appears available, but selecting it did not quit the program ( screen shot 2 ) I closed the window ( cmd W ) and opened a new document and tried quitting again -- No Quit. I was going to "Force Quit" the application but tried closing the current document by click on the red close button on the top left of the window. The Program Quit. I have opened and closed and Quit several documents since, but have not had a re-occurrence of the issue. Affinity Photo 1.5.1 iMac 21" Late 2010 OS X 10.9.5
  3. I think my wife bought this little bud vase in a garage sale many years ago. I used CD-textured packs and CD-Monet Oil strokes brush sets for most of the textured strokes.
  4. Thanks MEB. I am enjoying AD & really appreciate the Tutorials. I tried Illustrator a while ago when I had access through my employer. Couldn't master it. Did okay with FireWorks, but I will be sticking with Affinity Designer from now on.
  5. This is a small Blue Vase we purchased in Eastern France a few years ago. All drawn in Affinity Designer except I used Affinity Photo & the technique in the 3d drawing tutorial (Duplicate, Define Edges, Mask from Layer , Gaussian Blur) to soften the outside edges a tad.
  6. I occasionally do Macro... the ability to do 'focus stacking" would be a welcome addition to the app.