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  1. OK. That seems to have fixed it. Happy days! Thanks for your help chaps..
  2. I have found the Crash report folder but the link above seems dead so can't upload to there. I will try Marks suggestion and see what happens.
  3. Hi Paul. thanks for responding. I do use C1 but tend not to use the "Edit with" option as it creates a clone and I don't always want that. I usually export from C1 to a folder on my C drive and then open the ones I want to stack from there. CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz and GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with Max-Q Design Thanks, John
  4. I had issues with 1.9 crashing when trying to focus merge. Downloaded new version this morning. Exactly the same problem. As soon as I start the merge the App closes down. Same process works fine in 1.8
  5. Hi, since upgrading to 1.9 I've been experiencing a few bugs, particularly when focus stacking. The second image in the stack displays as pixelated colours and a lot of the colour swtches are doing the same. It wont tackle 16 bit tifs at all. Any thoughts? Thanks, John
  6. Yes. I've seen that. Having had a look I think no haven't been giving it long enough to effect the change. I found if I go into another folder and come back the changes are there. Thanks for responding.
  7. Hi, I've recently purchased Affinity Photo and after initial editing in C1 did further editing in Affinity on laters etc. The first couple of images were fine but now, when I close and return to C1 the changes I made in Affinity are not showing. The original Tif file created when I selected edit with.....in C1 remains untouched. Thanks, john
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