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  1. So all of us who might find it useful will have to wait a long long while when in fact all it takes is just a few tweaks in the code, only need to click/unclick the layer and that's it, it's just an animation PREVIEW so we could see if we still need to improve the image before we finally export it to an animation software.
  2. Affinity has Publisher, Designer, and Photo, do you use ALL the features? No, right? So just consider my suggestion as one of the features you won't use but others, like me, may find useful.
  3. Why would you have to go to all the trouble exporting all the layers when you can check the finished product right away with just a few tweaks in the code? What if you were not satisfied with the finished result? What if you need to do some corrections? You will go to the same trouble again when you can easily get a glimpse of how the images would look like animated and do some adjustment right away?
  4. the basic animation tool is not really to create a FINISHED animated product since it seems the usual excuse is that it's hard to incorporate an animation feature. It will only give you an idea how the animated product would look like, if it needs some improvement or refinement, etc.
  5. but we the basic animation, you can test it right away in Affinity. All it takes is a code that will click/unclick/loop the layers(1,2,3).
  6. It might be of no use to you, but to others it can be useful, and with how easy it is to add it, Affinity should give it a try. i d
  7. You have to agree that basic animation to see the animated result is so easy to incorporate. Just a few codes to click/unclick the layers, the images would start animating.
  8. Creating a SIMPLE animation tool/feature for Affinity Designer is actually VERY easy to do. The devs only need to add codes that will unclick/click the layer(1,2,3) so we will see how the image would look like if animated. By clicking Play, the layers (1,2,3) will be clicked/unclicked/looped. It's a very simple animation but it's good enough to give us an idea and it's a start.
  9. please add animation or timeframe it will go so well with contour tool
  10. please add animation or timeframe it will go so well with contour tool
  11. which animation software do you think best compliment Affinity designer? I couldn't decide between animate or toonboom, are there better alternatives?
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