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  1. Thanks for making the effort. Typically, they have a set of turning off certain masked layers but would still allow them to get exported to CrazyTalk. Both programs had recent updates, but still was having difficulty. I do seem to have it fixed now just by displaying the masked layers. It doesn't follow the character creation process for importing psd files into CrazyTalk, but it works for now.
  2. The "Capture" pic shows how the pupils are not transferred in the export to CrazyTalk Animator. The "Capture2" pic is the display of the organization of the layers that are in Designer and are then exported to CrazyTalk Animator. Attached is the Designer file used. 16Demo.afdesign
  3. I'm having difficulty with the latest version,, not exporting all of the layers of my current illustrations in a Photoshop format. I previously have exported the models in a Affinity Designer, import them in to Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator to create a animation character. I had considered the possibility that the problem could be either the organization of my layers or CrazyTalk Animator, but found through testing and careful inspection that the results were coming from Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.
  4. I would like to put my two cents worth of requests in for an additional product that I see a great potential for, animation. Currently, there are many products for animation such as Toon Boom's Harmony, Moho, Adobe Animate, TV Paint Animation, and Blender's Grease Pencil. But none of these have the ability that Affinity has provided with combining the seamless workflow between the Affinity software. Applying Designer and Photo to an animation software would allow for the ultimate use of the animation creation process, simplifying the process, and provide the best workflow for anyone to achiev
  5. Ok. Fixed it. Windows had some hard drive error. Windows went through and fixed the error, now Affinity pulls up fine. Who would have known...
  6. I even uninstalled and reinstalled each one, Photo, Designer, and Publisher with non working.
  7. Is there a new issue with all of the Affinity software? I tried opening each one, the arrow spins and then stops, nothing pulls up. I tried shutting down and restarting, still the same. It worked yesterday, and all other software that I have works fine. No new changes since yesterday.
  8. I tried it as described, I don't get the crash, but I get a funny pixel removal while painting over an existing previous painted area. Pixels.mp4
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