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  1. I do have Publisher now...but it wasn't released when I wrote the booklet. The cover of the booklet: Designer. Good point a few close-ups!
  2. Thanks for that Alfred. I hoped to show how Affinity software is a fully professional package. It does the ordinary work as well as the attractive. One other thing, that project has spanned several years and the files and features are still supported when updated. Not so for some brands eh?
  3. Meant to post this for a while. Affinity can do the whole project. Not just images but accurate box design, books, layouts...the whole package. Exporting output across the globe for accurate printing in any size and colour is a must. Everything in this picture was designed and manufactured using Affinity Designer and Photo. It's not just a package...it's a design suite. When a container load of product arrives at your clients warehouse...it better be 100% right. I not only use Affinity...I trust it. Thanks Serif!
  4. June 2017 and it's still not there. Yes, it is a vital element.
  5. Just downloaded AP 1.5 Beta MAC 10.12.1 Opened a 96dpi image from AP 1.4.3 image reads as 1dpi on AP 1.5? Not sure if this is the right place to post this guys.
  6. Baptism of fire. I bought A.D. and jumped in. I had to take a hand drawn Photoshop image and create a professional CYMK vector version for printing in China. It had to be accurate and all the geometry fit. I think I used every tool there is but I got what I hoped for. 100's of layers and effects to reproduce an impossible image. Affinity Designer has proved itself for me. After 20yrs with Adobe...I've made the change (and Affinity Photo). My image is now part of a retail product, thanks to Designer.
  7. After altering lighting effects in persona, on an image, every time I click 'develop' the blue line just locks at the end of applying and the program freezes. I have to use force quit. Single layer image. jpg The image is 32MB but that isn't big is it. Just to add...I've found the only way to do it is to export the .afphoto file as a 'jpg' then apply the effects to that image. That's the only way it will 'develop' without locking up.
  8. Inside stroke and outline has worked for this one thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Offset is an important tool glad it's in the works.
  9. I have an asymmetrical vector shape that I need to create an 'inner' version of. Like the inner and outer edges of a metal casting. The two need to be parallel, how can I 'shrink' the outer to achieve this?
  10. I'm converting ellipses to create curved outlines. So...I use the ellipse tool, make the shape set the fill to 0% and use outline at black 10px. lovely circle. However when I cut an ellipse by breaking the nodes and removing the piece, I have the line...but also the remaining piece of the ellipse as an outlined as well. All I want is the ellipse line. The Outline View Mode doesn't show them but the image/print view does?
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