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  1. All the little details on the horses and carriage such as the harness.
  2. Ok, got there after a couple tries, thanks. Bonus question: Now, can you think of a really quick way to fill in the negative space with a contrasting color?
  3. That takes care of most of it, but not entirely. There are still remnants of white-ish pixels
  4. I'm working on updating a new logo graphic. I want to make the graphic a one color silhouette. The problem is, in the process of editing and tweaking, there's lots of left-over junk from various edits. The graphic looks fine if it's on a white background because you can't see the leftovers. However, if it gets placed on a dark background, there's a halo effect from previous edits. Tolling around to remove each and every last non-black pixel with the eraser is possible, but pretty darn time-consuming. I've tried all the options I can think of, and searched the forum like crazy for the solution. What do you suggest?
  5. AmpedAndy


    Full computer re-boot solved issue
  6. AmpedAndy


    Holding the Ctrl button while opening allowed the dialog window you pointed out to come up. Did as directed, with no change.
  7. AmpedAndy


    No change. ctrl key doesn't seem to change anything on startup. The zoom shortcut keys are misrepresented on the view toolbar. The toolbar indicates Cmd+ or Cmd- for zoom controls. In fact, Ctrl+ or - actually are the shortcuts that work.
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    No change. Tried that several times, different files. Same issue w photo as w AFD
  9. AmpedAndy


    All at once, out of nowhere, zooming does not work. I though it was just the pinch to zoom that stopped working. However, when I try to use the shortcut keys, I can not zoom in or out either. What the heck happened, and how do I fix it ASAP. I'm working on a deadline, so the last thing I can handle is AFD or AFP deciding it's going to go in the tank. Currently on AFD 1.6 Will check for updates.
  10. In the middle of my workflow, my pinch to zoom stopped working. Is there a setting I bumped, or is this a bug? I need help quickly because I'm on a deadline.
  11. Ya, doesn't seem to be much help. Maybe I'm not using it correctly?
  12. I've searched here, but don't see anything on how best to go about dealing with grainy old photos. Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean up those old grainy photos in AF Photo?