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  1. Hi Team, I am looking for information on Affinity Photo support for the following plugins. 1.) Nik Filters - All filters 2.) Luminar Filters I think I raised this 1 year back and we still have issues with the the same. I am waiting on these 2 filter support so that I can move from Adobe Filters. I think lot of folks are waiting for these two filters to properly work with Affinity Photo. Additionally I want to know if there is something similar to luminosity masks which I can use in Affinity Photo. Thanks Krishna
  2. I have the following questions on Affinity Photo. 1.) What is the Mac OS requirements for Affinity Photo v1.7. I have Mac OS El Captain and am interested in using the same. 2.) Are there any plans to support Luminar Plugins, Luminar Flex in v1.7 ? Thanks Krishna
  3. I Just downloaded the Trail version of DXO Nik Collection and see that colors are all mixed. Free Edition is working fine. This happens when we use other color spaces ( like Adobe RGB etc)
  4. I am also not able to import the Macro attached. How can I use this ? What is the functionality ?
  5. How can we set up to use Luminar as Plugin. I though it is not possible to use Luminar as Plugin with affinity Photo in MAC
  6. Hi All, Do we have option in which I can close image and then choose not saving the image. I wish to perform this operation through keyboards and not use the mouse. Eg:- Shortcut to Close - Command + W. Then window opens which says do you want to save. I have to use mouse to click on Don't Save. Can we have option to click on any key like N or D to say don't or use tab to cycle through to move to Don't Save option ? Thanks Krishna
  7. Quick info on Equalize filter in Photoshop:- When you apply the Equalize adjustment, Photoshop finds the lightest areas in your image and makes them white. At the same time it locates the darkest image areas and forces them to black. I used to duplicate the latest and apply the Equalize. This way I could see the dust spots darker and real spots. I used to remove them and then do equalize again. I am looking for a similar feature in Affinity Photoshop.
  8. Do we have a way to find out dust spots in Image. I like to print my images in Affinity Photo and not having a way to find out leads to a lot of ink/paper wastage. The above is the use case for the feature. In photoshop we had something called equalize which helps find out if there are any dust spots in the image. Do we have any feature like this Affinity Photo. I am also happy to try out any alternatives as well. Thanks Krishna
  9. I did not get a chance to perform the test mentioned but I think if this can be fixed in Affinity Photo then it will help us a lot for folks who want to save files in Tiff format. I know lot of photographers who use Tiff format and I want to do the same.
  10. I am thinking that this is a bug with Affinity Photo. This issue is happening with only some images saved in Photoshop. So this could be a bug with Affinity Photo. Some Images I am able to open properly.
  11. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately I revoked my Adobe Photoshop Subscription already. So I don't have access to Photoshop. I am wondering if this can be addressed by Affinity photo ( by some update) etc. Is this a bug in Affinity Photo ?
  12. Any help for this issue. I would like to have Affinity photo open all the tiff files. I do not use any Photoshop specific filters. Even if it cannot show me all the layers, if I can open the image as a whole flattened, then it will also help me. Is there a way for me to open the image flattened ?
  13. I opened the image in photoshop elements and then Flattened the image. Still I have the same issue. So I think it is not a layers issue. Interestingly when saved as psd it shows the file properly. File size for both files are exactly same. I am thinking this is a bug with Affinity Photo software itself. Test2.tif Test2.psd
  14. I tried to do so, as the file sizes are very high they are not allowing to upload. ( I get error file size too high, cannot upload etc). I hope the Affinity Team can look into the issue which is causing this and fixes the same.
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