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    Why is afphoto file so massive when saved?

    Hi @Oval, Thanks for the feedback all. Actually, whilst working in AF I had most of my files loose communication with the external drive whilst trying to save the file. I haven't worked with AF for a while due to the large file sizes created, loss of communication and loss of edits, so have been working in LR instead. I don't have any of these issues in LR and still working with the same external drive and with the same cable.
  2. The DPI issue is also occurring with AP version 1.6.7 and although resized in Document Resize, on export it reverts back to 72DPI. Any idea when this will be fixed? This used to retain the resized document settings on export in the previous version. Many thanks Nilla
  3. Thanks for the info @firstdefence I did explain my images "I've attached screenshots of what I see in AP(AP.jpg) and its exported jpg (Preview.jpg)." but perhaps I need to be clearer next time. Thanks again
  4. Sorry for late response @v_kyr, ideally I want to set everything for auto sending to a print lab and the reason I'm struggling with settings. I don't have one of those calibration devices and will need to look into this. As in my earlier comment, my other issue is that my image displays much sharper in AP than when I export to a jpg. Any ideas why? I've attached screenshots of what I see in AP(AP.jpg) and its exported jpg (Preview.jpg).
  5. I've followed the 5-step MacBook Display Calibration Assistant but now my images look darker.
  6. I've attached a new Export with the separate new settings, but notice that in Preview Colour, Mode is still RGB - is this correct?
  7. Thank you @v_kyr - I much prefer the 35mm medium, processing, printing - I found it so much easier than digital...just my thoughts! I just want to set everything up correctly before editing photos and thought I had done initially. But, now I find that although I've already edited and uploaded photos for 30+ countries (around 500 photos) to my website, I'm now not sure they're optimal for sending to a print automatically from a Cart (when I set this backend up). As I have images spanning many years and across 35mm film, slide film, digital (various cameras and aspect ratios), I'm finding it difficult to know what to set for which image medium.
  8. Many thanks for the detailed explanation and links @v_kyr. I've read that it's best to take photos at sRGB and edit in this colour space - there's a lot to learn and think I also need to calibrate my monitor.
  9. Actually the second screenshot I've attached (AP.jpg) that 's from within AP looks a lot redder than what I'm actually seeing in AP i.e. the skin tone is more of a brown than a red colour.
  10. Yes it is @walt.farrell as that's the AP exported file, to which I've made adjustments in AP. Although when in AP itself, the image displays clearer and more vibrant, so am thinking that the settings I use on export aren't correct. I've attached another example from a scanned 1985 slide film: AP.jpg= screenshot of what I see in AP APExport.jpg= Preview with details of the AP exported file. As I mentioned in another thread, I need to upload optimal images so that the file can be auto-sent to the print lab from my Cart and is good enough to print anywhere from a 6x4inch print right up to a 24x32inch print. So, I'm playing around with the best settings and opening a can of worms (for me anyway). Cheers
  11. Hi @walt.farrell Many thanks for your response and sorry for the confusion with the order of files attached. The first image above is what I exported from AP (ColorSync Profile: sRGB) after editing the jpg. The second image is not exported it's the original image with the Epson details, which I scanned with an Epson scanner. This is why I'm trying to work out why the first image looks quite flat and washed out as this is only one example of many from this series of photos.
  12. Hi, Originally scanned my 35mm neg from 1998 - not a great scan and can't rescan at the moment. I've attached a copy of the Original and AP jpgs with Preview Inspector details. I'm not experienced with AP yet and as you can see, my AP jpg isn't optimal. However, when I've uploaded this jpg to my website (link enclosed), the colours don't match my AP jpg and look quite flat - this is only one example but if you check others in the link, you'll see what I mean. https://nillasphotography.com/portfolio/indonesia/ Is this because of the RGB/sRGB colour space? If so, how can I upload an optimal image that will be printed in the future but also look good on my website? (Guess this is also a continuation of my question from Monday's post.) Many thanks
  13. Nilla's Photography

    Jpg exported as 6400px

    @R C-R Many thanks for the information and links but also your patience. Currently I offer these standard print sizes: 8"x12" (20cm x 30cm) 16"x20" (40cm x 50cm) 20"x30" (50cm x 75cm) 24"x32" (60cm x 80cm) Although, I offer any size the print lab can print to as long as the image goes to that size and across most mediums (canvas, photo, foam, etc.) I know that the above sizes don't cover all aspect ratios, but I can manually adjust these, when this is automated then I'm hoping that my Cart displays a crop tool like my old site. The other thing that my old site used to do is if the image was not compatible with a larger size, a message displayed to the customer to choose another size to suit. (Maybe I should have stuck with my old platform as it really did have a great Cart system and not go to self-hosted.) Thanks again
  14. Nilla's Photography

    Jpg exported as 6400px

    Thanks @R C-R and @firstdefence This is the file that I sent to the lab, but maybe the lab changed settings before printing. After this discussion, all I'm really after is the best settings to export my files from AP so that whatever a customer choses any print size from my Cart, this image will print result in optimal quality and colour. Is this not achievable? (As mentioned above, I'll eventually automate my Cart so I need to upload optimal image files, which will be sent automatically to the print lab.) Many thanks for all the information
  15. Nilla's Photography

    Jpg exported as 6400px

    Thanks @GabrielM for the info. No, I didn't resize my document and always export using Bicubic as Lanczos 3 can result in quite an artificial (too contrasty) look. Sorry @R C-R as my photos are taken with different cameras, the aspect ratio varies. I also have 35mm negs/slide film ratio to contend with - I used PS Elements and also Lightroom to export previously. What my old site used to do if the aspect ratio didn't match the print dimension ordered, then a crop tool would display over the image so that the customer could position the crop to their liking. I uploaded the original file (typically 5-20MB) with its original dimensions that came out of the camera and used 300DPI on export. So as an example, an image of 22.9MB with an image size of 5878x3924 pixels at Image DPI: 300 pixels/inch was sent to the print lab for a print size of 24in x 36in, which resulted in a very sharp print.

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