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  1. I don't use Designer so I wouldn't have a clue what filters if any it uses. I'm just going by what Gary says as quoted by Old Bruce above my post and that is 'consistent menus'
  2. In hindsight Contrast rather than Tonal* may be more appropriate terminology for the group due to tonality being quite broad in its definition. Therefore in that group would be curves, levels, exposure, shadows/highlights (even through curves for example can alter colour). The Colour group is probably quite obvious ... and Other, what's left! I tend to agree with you (with some slight reservations) that the B&W adjustment would be in the Colour group. Others may think differently in that the colour sliders, referencing the colour info, adjusts the B&W tonality* (ie luminance—lighter or darker) so would be more appropriate in the Contrast (Tonal) group The bottom line is though, as you suggest, consistent menus regardless and across all applications.
  3. With reference to adjustments (Panel, Fly-out and Layer >) there would only have to be three groups—Tonal, Colour and Other. However, for example, what group would the B&W adjustment belong to—Colour or Tonal as it could be at home in either?
  4. This blend was done in DrawPlus. Assumably it's just a matter of time before a somewhat superior blend tool will work its way into ADesigner. Edit: Click on image for accurate colour
  5. @MartinL You're likely to obtain a better result if you make selections of the five main areas in your image—as per my screen shot. As I have no idea of your APh experience, if you're not sure how to create selections and save them as spare channels then use them with adjustment layers and live filters have a look at @dmstraker's YouTube tutorial here Cheers.
  6. Indeed! A long held misconception (even here in Oz) is Koalas get um, stoned on the eucalyptus leaves when in fact the leaves have very low nutritional value ... ie not stoned just lacking in energy! One would think the Koalas would have figured out their diet after x10,000 years plus—not so! I would presume, even here in Oz, as I write they'd be stoners drying eucalyptus leaves ...
  7. After creating a selection I routinely, in the Channels panel, right click 'Pixel Selection' > Create Spare Channel. Deselect the selection (no longer needed) then right click the created spare channel > Rename (to something appropriate). That mask is then available for all Adjustment/Live Filter layers. No need to copy the mask(s). I open an adjustment layer, for example Curves, right click the saved spare channel > Load To Curves Adjustment Alpha. As every adjustment layer has a built in mask it's just a matter of painting onto that layer to reduce/remove the applied adjustment where appropriate. At the beginning of every new image edit as part of my workflow I make most if not all of the selections I'll require for the edit then save them as spare channels.
  8. Interesting! I'm seeing a Koala ... a marsupial, not a bear
  9. For luminosity colour adjustment try this: #1 Black & White Adjustment layer #2 Set the blend mode to Luminosity That'll bring back the colour then use the colour sliders of the B & W Adjustment to alter the image colour saturation (painting on the mask to localise as required of course).
  10. Hi @jphthierry Check out @dmstraker YouTube tuts—in particular both the channels and masks playlists. Dave's coverage is quite thorough so hopefully you'll find the answers there. Cheers
  11. At that time I'll be well and truly in the land of nod—3.15am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Presumably the event keynote will be recorded and uploaded? (YouTube?)
  12. The 'free' NIK plugins work as expected in Partha's GIMP builds (ie including Viveza correct colour). Partha's builds include the appropriate .py files. However only 1x image as far as I'm aware can be opened in HDR. (Similar to APh?—I don't shoot HDR). I have no idea re the updated NIK versions.
  13. ... Except some of us were 'quick off the mark' and paid Google US$150.00!
  14. All YouTube videos (plus a truck load of other stuff) can be downloaded via JDownloader2 On Windows right click the file you want to download ...'Copy Link Address' The first 'Copy Link Address' when launching the app (each time) may have to be initiated. If so click bottom left 'Add New Links' and click the the url that'll open in a window. All further links after that are all good to go JDownloader is safe ... Open Source, Free, No Charge ... etc Edit: Only use my above link—ie .org ... the official source [there are aseholes with a .com from what I've read that may have other intentions]
  15. Back in the day (film) for female studio portraits/headshots I quite often used a lens UV filter lightly sprayed with hairspray (for a flattering soft glow) ... Magic!
  16. I prefer the image with the blurred foreground branches. Those shapes reinforce the shapes/form of the branches/leaves of the tall tree right side as well as the vertical lines of the building. In all the image is dynamic (energetic, lively, vigorous) compared to the second one.
  17. It's not so much a 'bad phone camera' ... more so a lack of understanding of the tricks food photographers use! Have a look here and here Your image (zucchini?) looks unappealing because, in the photo, it looks over cooked—mushy and lacking in colour. The trick here would be to photograph it raw (or very slightly cooked). This way the colour, texture etc would be retained. Spraying the veg and adding steam (how to—pointed out in the links) would create an illusion of a freshly cooked dish. Bon appetit!
  18. Yes, all valid comments. However, this thread is about DAM/Image Viewer(s) that can read Affinity files. Until Serif release a DAM/Image Viewer, XnViewMP is (currently) as far as I'm aware the only 3rd party app that can read Affinity files. IMHO I can't see the relevance mentioning apps that can't read .affinity
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