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  1. Fantail

    A Place To Have Fun With Others' Images

    Cool edits, especially like the squirrel one The concept sounds just like r/photoshopbattles on reddit. You might check that one out as well if you don't know it already ^^
  2. It's in Chinese because I made it for my grandparents in China. They know I'm studying games engineering so I thought it would be a fun twist to my annual traditional postcard Aside from the lack of indexed color mode when editing, my experience with Pixel Art in Affinity Photo has been a blast. Coming from Photoshop, I love the infinite zoom, the pixel tool and the snapping to whole pixels. Placing the colors feels very smooth and accurate as well. Anyway, here's the upscaled postcard, hope you like it ^^
  3. Was the object on another layer before? If yes, put it on the layer on top and merge it down. If not, you can't. There is no information about the parts of the object that are behind something else. You would have to reconstruct them yourself. But why do you need several objects on the same layer in the first place?
  4. So glad you are bringing this up. I made a post about the same thing a few months ago and while it didn't gain much attention, a few others agreed and there doesn't seem to be an equivalent feature yet. This really should be a higher priority. It's part of the workflow of a lot of painters and cartoon artists and the like, and pretty much every other program with layer support has it. I know the small team at Serif already has their hands full, but I'd consider this a core functionality of the flood fill tool.
  5. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when toggling the UI, the document does not stay in place, which is quite annoying. For example, when I toggle this: It becomes this: It seems the document is moved by as much as the upper left corner moves when the toolbox disappears. It would be great if this could be negated so that the document stays at the same pixel position so that toggling does not effectively move the image around.
  6. When Affinity Photo was last on the secondary monitor, and the secondary monitor is then disconnected, Affinity Photo will be started off screen instead of on the primary monitor. In my case I have a graphics tablet with monitor that I plug in and out quite frequently. It's not really a bug and more of a feature, so I put it here, but I hope it still gets "fixed". For everyone else with this problem: what worked for me was to shift-rightclick the icon in the taskbar, click "Move" and then use the arrow keys to bring it back.
  7. Fantail

    Logitech Speaker

    Now that looks much more like a finished work. Last critique would be that the wires look like they are from a perfect top down perspective, which doesn't quite fit, especially with the shadows so close by indicating they should be lying on the table. I don't have AD myself so I can't tell you how to do that, but I'm sure you'll figure something out, seeing how you've already managed to do all that in just two weeks!
  8. Fantail

    Logitech Speaker

    Wow, nice! The background looks a bit lazy and weird but the speaker itself looks really cool. Great attention to detail with all the rounded and shaded edges!
  9. Sadly they're raster cuz I'm only drawing for myself and I'm lazy. But I'll keep it in mind, thanks!
  10. Sorry for the late reply but yes, Affinity Photo and exactly as @Bri-Toon said. It's just the only way I can think of that makes the fill tool really useful, not just for painters.
  11. @firstdefence Thank you so much! I was so sure I've tried it before and it didn't work... tried it again and it worked perfectly. Feel stupid now, but thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! In this file, so far I have been "drawing" the dragon using a layer mask. Now that the actual content is all on the layer mask, I wanted to edit the layer mask in a sort of non-destructive way. I wanted to add flowers and all kinds of patterns to the area outside of the dragon, but wasn't sure how to do that without having them all on the same layer mask. I don't want them on the same layer mask because in case I end up not liking the flowers and stuff, I'd have to retrace the whole outline of the dragon. Then I thought of the great erase blend mode and wanted to use an erase layer to clear out flower patterns in the blue paint but instead it erases the vase under it as well. Is my approach completely wrong? How should I proceed with what I have with as little extra work as possible? Is what I want to do possible in AP or should I make a feature request? vase_mouse_painting.afphoto
  13. Fantail

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Chris, afaik the downloads contain all languages and while auto detect might set your language as Japanese at first, you should be able to change the settings inside the programs later. I'm in Germany and have set both the Affinity websites and the programs to English without any problems. Of course I can't say for sure about Japan, but I don't think they'd treat one country so differently. If I can set my Affinity language to Japanese, I'm sure it's also possible vice versa. Why not just download the trial and see for yourself?
  14. Whenever I want to make a fill on a new layer, I am forced to go to the layer that provides the colors I want to sample from, make a selection there, then go back to my empty layer and then color the selection. This is kind of a lot of work for a fairly basic functionality that is crucial for coloring line art, where you have to create lots of separate color layers. I know painting is not your priority, but from another point of view, seeing how you like to advertise this non-destructive workflow (which I LOVE btw!), I do not see much use for a tool that is only able to realize its full potential (namely edge detection with tolerance) when it is allowed to overwrite your base layer.