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  1. All of us have been so completely satisfied with the excellent functionality and the perfect job you all have done producing Affinity Photo and Designer that we are all anticipating the Beta Release of Affinity Publisher. For heaven sakes, don't be rushing a precious program just because we are all bitting at the bit for it. The Outstanding Job everyone has been doing at Serif is what it's all about, it shows up in all that you do and all that we say and do. While I was in the manufacturing industry now retired, we use to have this slogan: Measure Twice, Cut Once, that cliche' still resonates in my memory. The Street Rap is the all-important feedback you'll be receiving once the finished product is introduced to the public. Everyone who has been loyal to Serif knows there will be upgrades to the products when they are ready. That is a priceless benefit to us patriotic users. Measure Twice, Cut Once is the reminder I leave you with today. May the blessings be...and have a productive day! Thank you all for maintaining the highest bar in the perfection of A-Design, A-Photo and soon to be ready for beta release A-Publisher. Best regards, Donald
  2. Hello Andy, and Everyone I'm Donald located in Detroit Michigan and this is great, I've always wanted to rain on you developers accolades after accolades in appreciation of the great product/products you people have developed over the years. I've been a user of Serif Products since Serif 3.0 way back when. I found it on a store shelf with other computer software and decided to give it a try. Since then I've been more than partial to "Serif Products ". The Affinity line is outstanding and the marketing approach is a grand slam home run. Don't be in any unnecessary rush with Affinity Publisher, the completion of Affinity Publisher will come with time which has been and will continue to be my main stay in Desktop Publishing. In any case I know more functional applications now in Affinity Design than ever before which is a great blessing in itself. I'm mostly retired now, but do personal items for friends every now and then. I used Page Plus to layout Restaurant Placemats, Carry Out Menus, and In house menus along with pizza flyers business cards and such before retirement. Through all those projects and years the Serif line of products never once let me down. I thank all of you for doing such a tremendously great job. It's been a grand relationship and I look forward to Affinity Publisher with great expectations. Best regards, Donald
  3. All of the contributors to this fantastic program at a fantastic price exceeds any and all expectations that I had imagined it would be. Keep up the same continuity in the interface as you go, it makes it so much easier to remember the multitude of functionalities as the program grows. Thank everyone there at Serif and everyone involved in marketing too, along with the patriots like myself. We all appreciate your marketing game plan as we introduce your product to our family and friends. Thank You Don
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