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  1. hello, i have a problem on designer icant use the mouse or wacom i have to turn one off which i've never have to do it before im on win10 and my affinity is version 1.7.1 i need help
  2. almeida_tercero

    Coffee cup

    thank you so much for your insights, i used affinity designer since i like to do minimalism and vectors are perfect for that because of its nature and how clean they're. The original image is a cup of coffee that i did for myself but what i really want is to make it blend with the background so you can stare at it and wonder, kinda silly haha
  3. almeida_tercero

    Coffee cup

    thank you so much!
  4. almeida_tercero

    Coffee cup

    nice idea, what i tried to do here was blending the cup so it'll look super minimalist not so well executed haha
  5. almeida_tercero

    portrait illustration

    thank you much!!
  6. almeida_tercero

    portrait illustration

    thank you so much!
  7. almeida_tercero

    vector scene

  8. almeida_tercero

    Girl illustration

    Thank you!
  9. almeida_tercero

    Girl illustration

  10. almeida_tercero

    Coffee cup

    I really love of affinity designer's workflow and the way gradients have no banding
  11. almeida_tercero

    A Photo-Portfolio eBook

    thankyou somuch for sharing this