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  1. almeida_tercero

    portrait illustration

    thank you much!!
  2. almeida_tercero

    portrait illustration

    thank you so much!
  3. almeida_tercero

    vector scene

  4. almeida_tercero

    Girl illustration

    Thank you!
  5. almeida_tercero

    Girl illustration

  6. almeida_tercero

    Coffee cup

    I really love of affinity designer's workflow and the way gradients have no banding
  7. almeida_tercero

    A Photo-Portfolio eBook

    thankyou somuch for sharing this
  8. almeida_tercero


    The thing that i'd do probably is to trace all the image and then after all use af photo to make a mask or something among those lines for the texture it can be with af designer or both
  9. Hello, i'm new here but i'll try my best to help in this comunity so i've been making little gifs of differences between af designer and illustrator that would help some, i don't know if the format is good to be share here they're tweets and imcollecting them in a twitter moment for easy access hope y'all like it and any feedback is well received. The twitter moment is here and i will keep updating it so you can save the link for later! link : HERE
  10. almeida_tercero

    Im new here :)

  11. almeida_tercero

    Im new here :)

    im new here, i always love vectors i have a lot made with illustrator but now im loving affinity programs everything seems easier and im trying to spread the word! :)