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  1. It still doesn't match PS. It's playing with a pixel layer all the time. The screenshot below might be clearer. What I am looking for is a way to clip an adjustment layer to another adjustment layer. The parent one is not tied up to a pixel layer. I thought of creating a mask and then nesting adjustments below it; but it does exactly what the video is showing: it hides all pixels below
  2. Agree. The beauty in Photoshop is that you don’t even need a pixel layer as a base for clipping. Not only is it saving time, but it also give a lot of flexibility having a parent mask and using the child ones to tweak further. Not a show stopper for me as I am not time constrained but definitely a welcome feature going forward
  3. My engineer's brain likes to factorize whenever possible rather than copy/paste Just need to get used to a different way of doing things. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Thanks @PedroOfOz for pointing out this channel. There is a lot of information in there. That being said, it looks like he is copying the mask over and over and over. I ended up doing the same thing but finding it cumbersome (probably because I am used to either clipping or creating a group of adjustments with a mask on the group with photoshop).
  5. Back to Affinity after a while now that 1.7 is out. Your example does only partially answer my question. Imagine an image in which I want to apply different adjustments to the sky and the rest of the image. What I tend to to in PS is: create a selection for the sky create a first adjustment layer; its mask is the sky selection create as many adjustments layers as I want for the sky, clipping them to the first one I can do the same for the rest of the image. I only have to create the mask for the sky once. I can't figure out a way to do the same thing in Affinity Photo. Either I have to apply the same mask to all adjustment layers or I have to duplicate the initial pixel layer to have 2 distinct masks. Regards
  6. Hi all, I am facing the same lag (typically around 5s) on the histogram with the levels adjustment layer. Deactivating Metal and switching back to OpenGL fixed it for me. I also noticed layer masks thumbnails were updating way way faster. Not ideal though: the screen refreshes way faster with Metal selected in place of OpenGL
  7. jphthierry

    IPTC not exported

    Hi, I am running version 1.6.6 on High Sierra. I am modifying a tiff file containing IPTC data (keywords, location, GPS coordinates); all these information are shaved off when exporting to JPEG even when the "Embed metadata" box is checked. Is there something I am missing to get the expected behavior? The JPEG exported from PS from the same tiff file contains all the metadata.
  8. Hi all, I am used to clip adjustment layers in Photoshop. What I mean by that is putting an adjustment layer in the stack, painting a mask on this adjustment layer and then adding another one clipped to it. I haven't found a way to do that in Affinity. Nesting adjustment layers doesn't work: the nested layer has no effect. Is there an "Affinity" way to do the same thing? Thanks for your help