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  1. I am truly sorry to hear that, and I am aware of how disruptive that can be for your workflow. Perhaps Chris B (Moderator) would like to comment on this - I have no way of testing this as I am on a Mac. It might be better to start a new thread for Windows 10 users who are experiencing the same issue. Thanks for sharing, I do hope that Serif are able to come forward with a solution. I would just say, based on my experience, that unless it is an issue that is common to a number of Windows 10 users, it might take some time... I wish you good fortune in getting this resolved.
  2. Hi Filipe, Thank you for the comment, I am back using Affinity Photo and have had no further issues. I am very happy to report this is the case and I am very pleased that our difficulties have been recognised and acted on. I too look forward to seeing the next iterations of AP, and look forward to improvements and new features to come. I also would like to say Thank You to the developers, the current app is excellent and most importantly working well. I know at times it can be thankless job tracking down and solving bugs and issues.
  3. Hi Ulysses, Thank you for the comment. I am quite stubborn and have worked with devs in IT with my company in the past, and I am persistent (my wife says stubborn) when faced with an issue. I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the thread. Always good to be heard, and see a resolution. Well done Serif, I hope to now finally to be rid of PS, and monthly subscriptions.
  4. Hello to all contributors, With the advent of Affinity Photo 1.8, this appears to have been fixed finally. I hope that you are now in a position where Affinity Photo is now useable in a professional setting. Thank you all for the contributions, including this who advised me to not update, after the event... Regards, Earlio
  5. Hello to all contributors, As per the reply from pls, it appears that this issue has been fixed. I have tested on my MBP, and it would certainly seem to be the case. The speed that the Histogram updates now (finally) makes sense, and works as it should have from the beginning. Thanks to you all for your contributions. Earlio
  6. Finally received the following email from Serif after my review: QUOTE: Hi Earlio, Thank you for getting in contact and the links to the forum threads, I see you have been in contact with ChrisB who has logged the issue with the developers. The report has been bumped again to see if we can get any movement on it. Once we have more information we will update the thread. Many thanks, Lee @ Affinity Support :UNQUOTE I responded QUOTE: Hi Lee, Thank you for at least responding. I have gotten used to being ignored. My experience so far is that this will be ignored once again, and I expect no update or further response from Serif on the issue. However, I will keep on the case, on the forum and see if we can get some movement on this, if only to help those experiencing the same issue. I have to say that this has been the worst experience I have ever had with a developer in 12 years as a Mac user. :UNQUOTE I have nothing further to add...
  7. Hi Cohn17, The simple answer is I do not know as I have not yet updated to Catalina, due to the issues experienced updating to Mojave. I also use a couple of legacy apps that have not been updated to work under Catalina, so at present have not updated. In the meantime, I want on to the Apple Store, and rated APh with one star and gave a poor review - I then had a response from Apple: QUOTE: Dear Earl, Serif Labs responded to your review of Affinity Photo Serif Labs "Please could you email affinitysupport(at)serif(dot)com regarding your issues?" Do you want to update your review? You can also contact the developer. :UNQUOTE I responded follows on 7th December. 2019 - QUOTE: Hi, I received this email from Apple after leaving my review. May I suggest that you read the threads referred to in the review, at the Affinity Forum, before responding. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/69512-mojave-metal-accelerator-not-working-for-affinity/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/89509-levels-histogram-graph-not-appearing/&page=3 I think that. You will find this absolutely backs up the review. Thank you, Earlio :UNQUOTE Of course I have had no response form Serif, not even an acknowledgement of the email sent. I am sorry that I cannot give you any better reply. Perhaps one of the previous contributors to this thread has since updated to OS Catalina and has a response with regard to solving these issues with the update - if so, please let us know - I would appreciate a response for all of those in the same position. Thanks for your contribution. KR, Earl
  8. Hi Kls, I am sorry that you are experiencing the same issues as many of us. Serif are not very customer focussed, and this results in them ignoring such issues, especially when many do not suffer the same problems (or at least do not either realise or simply accept, the limitations). As has already been pointed out by Chris M, this was a deliberate move by the developers in order to prevent CPU usage increasing. Quote: "So the fact we do not allocate additional CPU power in Photo Persona should apply to any Histogram. I do not think it should be taking as long as it does in your video to update. A second or two I could probably live with but your delay was substantial." Unquote You'll not that I started this thread on 4th June - 5 months and no action whatsoever. Last time I had issues with Affinity Photo it took 7 months to get some kind of update (when this version was released), and although I use it from time to time, I am sorry that I wasted my money (and so much time...) on this app. I bought the book, worked through the videos and was very happy with the app until the Mojave update. I guess you get what you pay for - I am back using PhotoShop. Thank you for the input.
  9. Hey TomM1, The same solution seems to work for both issues, but whether they have the same root cause is still to be determined. Thank you for the tip, Saving the file (Command>S) works for me too, much less of a pain. I had gotten so used to saving and reloading that I had stopped looking. Still needs fixing, though.
  10. Hi TomM1, I do not know of the two issues are related, but I suffer from the same issue, but my experience is that these update after a short while. I notice particularly with selections, the icon shows just blank, but eventually updates to show the mask. I had not previously mentioned as this does not interfere with my workflow as I (almost) always Group Masks, so I know that the icons are masks and will - eventually - update. Many thanks for your input - it all helps make the case for investigation, and at some point in the future - perhaps an update to solve these issues.
  11. Hi Braver, Yep, that sounds exactly what I I have been experiencing. I was aware that if you save the file, and reopen the graph appears. It also does so if I simply delete the Levels layer that is not updating, and add another Levels layer. A pain in the butt, but it works - most times.
  12. Hi Manuel2, Thanks for contributing. Sorry to hear this is also affecting you. I had, until now, thought that this issue was confined to Macs, and I am surprised to hear that the issue is also present in the Windows version. I hope when Serif get around to addressing this, it will have to be across all of the PC iterations of the app. I have not heard of any such issues on tablet versions, so perhaps the bug is restricted to PCs.
  13. Hi Braver, I appreciate your comments. However you seem to have your issues solved, whereas I am still in the same place. As far as venting is concerned, it is simply my take on how Serif have handled these issues. Sometimes one has to tell it as one sees it, and having had to wait more than 7 months for the "coming shortly" update to fix the last issues I had with Serif (see my other posts) and due to that having to go back to Photoshop, and having paid for the app in good faith, my opinion on this is that Serif simply do not address these issues. I would probably not be so vocal were I in your position.
  14. Hi Gerrit, Thank you for the response - not so much patience - more stubbornness in my case. I have definitely run out of patience...
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