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  1. I have been helping out a friend with AP, and was trying (somewhat desperately) to explain how Curves and Blend Ranges work, eventually I made the two attached graphics. I hope that they will assist, and if anyone has ideas on how to improve (or correct) the Helper Images, please contribute.
  2. Hi Leigh, I am delighted to report that I have not had an issue with Affinity Photo and File Preferences since giving Full Disk Access. Thank you, I am now again using Affinity Photo as my Photo Editor of choice. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. The journey has been long and arduous, but have now finally reached the destination. Earlio
  3. Dave, Excellent piece of work. I thought I understood Blend Modes, but his has opened my eyes to many more possibilities. Thank you for sharing. Earl
  4. Hi Leigh, Thank you for the reply and the work you have put in with the log file. I had given access to Full Disk Access previously, but along the line, with several reloads of AP, and two complete clean installs of Catalina, I had forgotten to do so with the latest install iteration. I have done so now, completed a restart, and will report if this helps. I have been avoiding using AP due to the issues, except in a few cases, and had taken to immediately saving any file loaded to AP (after RAW conversion), and setting up the Autosave to every 30 seconds, to try to get around the permissions issues. It works, after a fashion (when the issue raises it head, I have to do a Force Quit and pick up the recovery file) but that is obviously not an ideal fix... I will try again with AP as my primary editing app, and keep you informed.
  5. Hi Leigh, Attached. is the text file. Thanks, Earlio Affinity Photo Console Report.txt
  6. Hi Leigh, Thank you for the response. I now have the Console up and running, and I am awaiting an open or save failure, it is intermittent, and will report when the issue occurs again. I appreciate the help, as I really (REALLY) would like to end my connection with Adobe.
  7. Hi Leigh, I had completed this previously, and should have responded and thanked you for the suggestion. Apologies. Although I would consider myself quite familiar with the Mac, I have not had recourse to the Console previously, and I admit to being at a bit of a loss as to where / what I should be looking for. I did the whole Console, searched (in all the various categories / headings) for Affinity: Sandbox: Font - found no issues with fonts, but got the attached report, which would seem to point to another issue. Earlio Console Affiinty Photo.pdf
  8. OK, so after my work dried up a bit I decided to take the bull by the horns: Reformatted Macintosh HD Downloaded Catalina and Updated Did not use Backup so install is clean and complete Downloaded Affinity Photo & Tested - Working OK Downloaded Apps I use - each time testing Affinity Photo works - all OK I have not loaded any further fonts - all at Mac default state Total 12 hours work, including waiting for each app to download, test that app, test AP For a week, Affinity Photo worked OK, then today the same damn permissions issues recurred. I am going to give up on this app. I am spending more time trying to fix, than working on images. Back to Photoshop...
  9. The title says it all... There are numerous posts on this issue. I wanted to get this on the feature requests, so that we might get some action.
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions. I have finally solved the issue with (once again) a fresh, clean install of Catalina (after reformatting the disk) and installed nothing but Affinity Photo. Ran the app, and all seemed to work OK, so continued to load all of the other apps I had installed previously, one by one, testing Affinity Photo after each loaded. That seems to have worked, and I have not had a permissions issue since. The response from Serif was not particularly helpful: You could try the suggestions in this FAQ article, if you haven't already as it's something we have come across before. Permissions issues are very hard for us to reproduce, as it would let us to break down the process and hopefully narrow down the cause. It's still something we are looking into and if it occurs our developers can see if anything can be done. We wouldn't be able to transfer your purchase from the Mac App Store to our Affinity store to allow a download of a version not sandboxed, it's just not possible. Another 12 hours of my life that I will not get back, and 12 hours of work that I did not get paid for, BUT, I can now use the app without further issues, at the moment. I do not know if the fonts had caused the issue, but I will report if I have further problems. Perhaps, if AP work without issue for the next 6 months, I can finally bin Photoshop. Thanks again, have a great day.
  11. I also do not understand why the tool sizes are so small, I get by OK with my MacBook Pro, but with the two monitor set up, I also have the same issue. My experience with Serif so far is that the pressure for a UI change has to be pretty big before they are prepared to change anything. Complaints on the forum seem to get some attention, but not enough to get action from Serif. I would suggest that anyone who wishes for this change to add to the Feature Requests section. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/52-feature-requests-suggestions/ If there are enough of us pushing for this, we may get a solution. Frankly, I would have thought that it would not be a huge coding job to do this, so more user requests may get the changes you wish for. I'm off to do that now.
  12. Hi v-kyr & Blende21, Many thanks for your posts. I am using the latest versions. I have asked Serif if there is any way to obtain the direct download after having paid for the dysfunctional (as far as I am concerned) Mac App Store version. I will respond when I have a reply. I am bogged down with work, now due to the issues and trying to solve this problem. I am working, once again with Photoshop while I try to get this sorted, and have some catching up to do, so will give Affinity Photo a rest for the time being. The last time I had issues which prevented me from using Affinity Photo, it took 8 months to resolve, and `I have run out of patience with this. I very much appreciate all of the assistance offered, thanks to all who have provided possible solutions. Regards, Earlio
  13. Hi v-kyr, Thank you for your contribution, these were the first actions I tried. This is not just about the file permissions for the download folder, if that were the case I would simply move files to the desktop, and that would be a very easy solution. To explain again, in AP this happens randomly when opening any file from any folder, even when I have previously opened a number of files from that folder. In addition, after working on a file (image) in AP, the permission will be changed, and I am unable to save in ANY location, not in the folder it originated in, the desktop, downloads, pictures, nor to external drives. This happens with no other app I have installed.
  14. Thanks, Walt, I have only the default fonts installed - having removed the additional fonts loaded - now and have the same issue I can think of only a couple of projects where I saver used more than two fonts, and more that 5 or 6 Text Layers. These all saved without permissions errors. The issue is intermittent, and seem to have no logic. Some images save without issue, then from the same folder, the next image will have the issue. In other cases I am able to open a file with no issues, but when saving the file, permission to save is denied, and it does not matter at that point where the save is tried, it will not save. I took to opening the files, saving as an .afphoto file immediately, then reopening using the open recent file dropdown. However this is clunky, and requires an additional actions on every file. Even then the permissions issue is evident, although much less so. The opening permissions error requires the app to close, reopen, and then the file loads without issue. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Regards, Earlio
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