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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from psidre Felix in New version of Publisher points to existing beta   
    Easiest method to access the latest beta is via this pinned post at the head of this forum.  I suspect build 337, the latest, is not yet on auto-update.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Buy again?   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    If you do a quick search of this forum, in the Customer Service... area, you will see this is quite a frequent question!  Unfortunately, the answer is No.  Each different operating system has its own, entirely separate licensing system and there is no facility that will enable transfer from Mac to Windows or iPad, or any combination of them.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Can a Affinity Designer/Photo license be deactived?   
    I think you need to carefully re-read @Alfred's post above!  He wrote:
    In other words, since you already own the licence, which covers as many computers as you own and control, as I read what you have written you do NOT need to purchase any new licence in order to install the software on to the "machine we do not use much".
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Alfred in Buy again?   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    If you do a quick search of this forum, in the Customer Service... area, you will see this is quite a frequent question!  Unfortunately, the answer is No.  Each different operating system has its own, entirely separate licensing system and there is no facility that will enable transfer from Mac to Windows or iPad, or any combination of them.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to cimerio in Is there a reason why Mac and PC version requires separate licenses?   
    Separate charging for licenses is valid because they are different architectures.
    not giving a second purchase discount is an amateurish business attitude and has no justification.
    the same way it has no justification does not offer both products on the site. unless there is some scam of the company with the apple store. various companies sell two downloadable versions on the site. and you can download both files.

    for God's sake, would the above citizen be so naïve to believe that we bought this bull talk of "unpopular and unfair"
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    emmrecs01 reacted to JET_Affinity in Why don't you develop the product?   
    Especially when trying to develop something innovative as opposed to just more "me, too; same ol' same ol'",  solid foundations have to be laid for what users consider "basic things." I have plenty of "me, too" programs. I don't need another one.
    If all I were seeing in Affinity were just another "me, too" approach, I'd just yawn.
    Who's not "letting" you?
    Fact is, B13eL's post that started this thread was just a useless, unproductive rant. It doesn't even mention any capabilities he's (she's?) so upset about.
    And your "fanboy" nonsense is just a childish insult to fellow users who don't agree with you.
    No one "prevented" either. And no one is prevented from disagreeing with them.
    Resorting to ad hominem insult is a dead giveaway of weak argument; and a sure way to lose respect.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Jowday in Why don't you develop the product?   
    Jebus. I did expect the product to develop into something more in a timespan of 4 or more years. The marketing was and is not humble. I do subscribe to the FULL Adobe package. I just prefer to draw and construct shapes outside Illustrator. Did that a lot in Inkscape. I like Designers few tools better. But Designer is stripped of advanced features - and basic features. Hoping for more increasingly frustrated here is punished by fanboys who cannot let Serif answer. Apologists.
    "Asking for "basic things" or not, it's their product, and they handle it as they wish."
    Fresh out of school arguments, haha. It certainly is their product. Fortunately I am a clever guy that listened to my customers, adjusted accordingly before they retired or DIED of old age. Increased revenue. Brand value always rising. Etc. 
    Ben was not supposed to answer at all. Someone from Serif was supposed to listen to a customer. Handle it like a professionsal. Thats how it works out there. I face customers every day and did for 30 years. They handle their money as they wish! Thats the centre of the universe here.
    And now something else from the adult world - lets agree to disagree.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Jowday in Why don't you develop the product?   
    Minor improvements over a long timespan, long and numerous posts, no real progress. We'll I am a paying customer just like other "complainers" (you picked up that term in Linux forums?) and I like the interface of especially Designer. I would have paid 2, 3 or 4 times more if the long requested features were in designer. They are not. They are not in the betas I follow closely either. So I will - just like the other unsatisfied customers - remind Serif and Ben that this is not good enough in our opinion. In the adult world this is how it just works. You are satisfied? Great. But let other who are NOT voice their concerns.
    So type less and think more about the original post - a legitimate question and concern. Basic tools - where are they? I hope Ben is busy as a bee preparing them. Otherwise his post is ridiculous and counter productive.
    So many people love your product and ask for the basic things that should be in the tool for professional. What are you doing there?
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Ben in Snapping a shape to a curve   
    As has been said - there are some improvements to snapping and the new Point Transform Tool.
    But - I am very aware that we need to do something more with circles.  We did have a prototype feature that used perfect circles (not Bezier approximations).  This was put on hold util we can refine the UI/UX.  Unfortunately it probably won't be in 1.7.0 due to time constraints.  It might make it in soon.
    In a nutshell, we need the concept of true geometry - circles and ellipses.  Else, we are still dealing just in Beziers with all their considerable inaccuracies.  This is actually more of a technical drawing feature, and not so common in illustration.  Te key thing is precision - of geometry and affecting snapping - and that will include the potential for tangents and normals to circles and ellipses (a feature that was in my prototype).
    It has not been forgotten.
    As for aligning objects to a curve - I can't make any comment.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to R C-R in The same boring question - but here it comes again...   
    Any particular reason you think you won't get the same boring answer to this question that we have gotten every other time it has been asked?
    Basically, that answer has always been that while they would like to release their own DAM eventually, & there has already been some work toward that end, for now refining & improving the current projects (including the as yet still in beta Affinity Publisher) are what they are focused on.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to p_mac in Why don't you develop the product?   
    The world of them against us and ‘I want it “right now!!!!” has come to this forum.  
    Sometimes one needs to step away from this place to take a breath. 
    Here is the good news for all you complainers that want to move away to somewhere else; 
    I hear that a certain competitor is doubling their subscription fees, 
    and other developers are quickly moving away from subscriptions and lowering their software prices because they are chasing serif. 
    To Ben and the dev, please keep “twiddling’ those thumbs.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to JET_Affinity in Why don't you develop the product?   
    Yeah, you nod off so often, I can hear you snoring from all the way across the pond.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Jens Krebs in Appreciation post for the Publisher team   
    just wanted to let you guys know how incredibly impressed I am with how Publisher is developing -- I am really happy with you adding some extra features and having a really long beta cycle rather than pushing out a software that cannot compete with others. Love the reworked master pages, the search--replace enhancements (RegEx, RegEx, RegEx!) and the new pinned objects!
    It's about time that Adobe gets some competition in the pro market (there's lot's of semi-pro applications out there with tons of templates and flashy features, but nothing except Quark Xpress that can actually do what InDesign does).
    Thanks for your hard work!
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    emmrecs01 reacted to VillyReality in Appreciation post for the Publisher team   
    I have paid for the full Adobe CC subscription for 5 years, before that, i paid for the Adobe CS3 Mastercollection (Way to expensive back in the day). I just found out about all of this software, and i have tried the Designer program for 1 day and i already like it more than Illustrator. Thank you for making this software and i cant wait to learn more about all your programs. Looking forward to pay your for your hard work with Publisher aswell. Thanks for taking up the fight with Adobe!
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Ben in Why don't you develop the product?   
    My thumbs are so tired from just being "twiddled".
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in lost product key   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    Since you mention having AP installed on an old imac I'm going to assume it was actually purchased from the Mac App Store.  If so, simply log into the MAS account you used then and redownload and install the software.  As an MAS purchase, you do not have or need a Product Key.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in PanoramaPlus X4   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    You are asking for help with a Serif Legacy Product in the forums dedicated to the new Affinity range.  You really need to repost to the Serif Community Plus forum here.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to John Rostron in How to use/find the stand-alone version?   
    There are separate standalones corresponding to each of the Nik plugins. Look in the Nik installation directory for *.exe files.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Patrick Connor in Colourful Cats (in Spacesuits) In Affinity Photo (split)   
    Josie, I have split all your posts and the relevant replies from the tutorial your added them to
    That is NOT the way to behave in a tutorial post as your questions are specific to you and nothing to do with the tutorial. Please always make new threads to ask for help and advice, and link to tutorials if needed
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from StevenS in Dual usage for same person on 1 license :notebook and desktop?   
    Hi welcome to the Affinity forums.
    If both your notebook and desktop are running the same OS (Windows or Mac) and you own/control both machines, then yes, you can install the app(s) on both machines without any additional license.
    One possible caveat: depending on which "notebook" you have, you may need to check whether it can run any of the Affinity apps. 
    Also, if that notebook is actually an iPad then all the above does not apply, because the iPad does not share its operating system and app licence with either Mac or Windows machines; its licencing is unique to iOS.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to dmstraker in HDR Merge hanging   
    Thanks, Jeff. Though as edit  above, I left it for a while and it rebooted ok. I read that this gives time for the capacitors to fully discharge and so let voltages drop to fully zero.
    I have RAID on the desktop and backup to a Synology NAS system so I wouldn't lose much data (though the hassle of a dead system is counted in days, at least).
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Ben in General opinion   
    That'll be because Pagemake, Quark and InDesign are DTP/layout applications.  Designer is an illustration package, more like Illustrator.  To people used to using Illustrator and Freehand, Designer is fairly intuitive.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to iBaloo42 in Problem with macro   
    The macros environment seems to have been implemented to satisfy a marketing checkmark ("yes, we have it"). Unfortunately, by the struggle of the Affinity development team to avoid breaking everything while writing new code (they have a serious quality problem), I would keep my hopes very low when it comes to expecting for new meaningful features...
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    emmrecs01 reacted to StevieB in Publisher Beta Released Far too Early   
    I think you misunderstand what Serif are doing, namely making a professional publishing program designed from the ground up.
    It is totally unrealistic to expect the new program to be a clone of the old Page Plus software as it has been developed as a suite of 3 programs that all have a common core code.
    The old 'legacy' software has a code base that was written (probably) in a 32bit environment, which has its limitations, namely that Apple are dropping the ability to run older 32bit software in its next release of Mac OS. See this link: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208436 (I know that the Page Plus is Windows only)
    To expect a new program to have all the features of the older version, which has had many years of development, is unrealistic, especially as Publisher is aimed at the professional designer who doesn't want to be tied to the Adobe Subscription model.
    It is admirable that Serif has taken on this challenge and Publisher is the last piece of the jigsaw.
    Just cut Serif some slack! They're doing an admirable job and have achieved a suite of design, illustration and image apps that can be used to produce professional results.
    Publisher is still in the testing phase and should not really be used for mission critical work.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Alfred in Publisher Beta Released Far too Early   
    The older software is still supported on the CommunityPlus Legacy Product Support Forum.
    Given that the Windows-only ‘Plus’ applications were developed over three decades and are hugely dependent upon specific Windows functions, whereas the Affinity desktop apps are available for both Mac and Windows and have been written from scratch with platform-agnostic core code, I think that’s a highly unrealistic expectation.

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