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    JFisher reacted to jhoy in Bleed when using svg then saving to pdf   
    Hi Laura
    Welcome to the forums.
    The bleed does not show on the preview at the moment, this is being worked on please see the road map from the following link  https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/
    If you increase the svg size by the amount of bleed you require so it overlaps the page by the amount of bleed you are looking for, also when on the export to PDF click the more button and make sure include bleed is selected, this should give you the result you are looking for.
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    JFisher reacted to DWright in Boba Fett Helmet   
    Something I created for the upcoming 40th Anniversary of Star Wars

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    JFisher got a reaction from affbenny in Horizontal flip   
    Hi affbenny, could you provide the image you're working on so I can test this?
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    JFisher reacted to Callum in Tribal Lady   
    Hi Everyone,
    Its been a while since I posted here! Here is my latest doodle using our apps :)
    All feedback is welcome! 

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    JFisher reacted to DWright in Tech info needed before switch to a new computer   
    Hi Marco,
    With the current release driver installed the Pascal architecture supports OpenGL version 4.5 I am running Affinity with my GTX 1070 with no issues and Nvidia is very good at updating there drivers to keep their cards relevant with any future changes to OpenGL and DirectX standards.
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    JFisher reacted to Lee D in Replace the view through a window   
    Hi sportsound,
    Welcome to the forums.
    Once you have opened your main image you can use File > Place, you can then select the background you wish to use. Next with the correct layer selected it will be a case of moving the background into position, if needed you can then use tools such as the Perspective/Mesh warp to adjust if needed.
    When finished you can use File > Export to create a new file.
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    JFisher reacted to antinous in Custom Presets   
    Thx for your reply!
    However by searching through the other questions I found something related and tried that.
    And..... it worked :) .
    Solution: Hold CTRL+CMD and left (or right) click.
    Then you get the option to rename or delete the custom preset.
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    JFisher reacted to Callum in Won't be switching from Photoshop   
    Hi All,
    I would first like to welcome Groupy, CDXP and JMM to the forums and say that this is not typically how new users are received on the forum. I am sorry to see this thread has descended into people arguing amongst themselves. I am going to lock this thread to prevent any further bad comments I apologise to any new users that may have wanted help and posted in this thread and encourage you to make a new thread or private message me regarding your issue.
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    JFisher reacted to R C-R in view and add comment to image properties   
    No screenshot! Fixed.
    The EXIF Studio panel is also available in the Photo Persona. Add it from the View > Studio submenu.
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    JFisher reacted to Alfred in Copying and pasting selection not layer ?   
    It sounds as though you're working on an image layer, not a pixel layer. Image layers are treated as single objects, so you can only perform global operations such as rotating the image or adding layer effects: you can't work at the pixel level (e.g. for copying a selection). Go to the Layers panel, right-click the layer and choose 'Rasterize...' so that the designation changes from  '(Image)' to  '(Pixel)'.
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    JFisher reacted to stokerg in Copy selection   
    Hi Greiggy and Welcome to the forums 
    To copy a selection to a new layer, it should just be the case of making the selection and then CMD+C to copy the selection and then CMD+V to paste.  The selection should get pasted onto its own new layer.
    I've attached a small screen recording to this reply which shows copying a selection from one picture and pasting it into another.
    If you are still having trouble, let me know the steps you are taking and i'll be happy to offer further advice.
    copy selection.mov
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    JFisher reacted to Callum in Droste effect query   
    Hi Kasper-v,
    The first example you have given should be quite easy to reproduce :) If you take a picture of yourself with an empty frame you should then be able to continuously lay the photo ontop of itself using the File > Place functions then use the perspective tools to make it fit within the frame. 
    I have attached a sample of this below with my beautiful smiley face in it  :P Mine is a little sloppy you may notice I cut my fingers off and instead of a picture frame I'm using a whiteboard but you should get the idea!
    I will look into possibly recreating the second effect in Affinity and get back to you.

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    JFisher reacted to Zunaid in Artistic text tool vs Frame text tool   
    Sometimes I can be very lazy in a negative way. Instead of directly checking it out from help. Came online to ask. Too much use of social media. :)
    Thank you! I will check out the help.
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    JFisher got a reaction from Zunaid in Artistic text tool vs Frame text tool   
    Hi Zunaid

    We have quite a lot of information in the help about the function of both the Artistic Text Tool and the Frame Text Tool. This should answer your question for you but if you need any more info let me know! :)
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    JFisher reacted to Callum in Won't be switching from Photoshop   
    Hi Bobtographer,
    One thing a lot of people don't understand is we haven't designed a PhotoShop clone we've designed a new app. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't get along with Affinity Photo. If you need any help getting to grips with the app please let me know.
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    JFisher got a reaction from singer_painter in How many computers will this software allow me to install it on?   
    Hi singer_painter

    You can install the app on as many machines that you own/control for personal use :)
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    JFisher reacted to deer in How can I get a Free Macro Pack with Affinity Photos purchased with Apple App store?   
    I solved it myself
      Thank you
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    JFisher reacted to balloffire in black screen   
    problemm solved..many thanks
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    JFisher reacted to Sean P in Problem with characters: ł ć   
    Hi wwaldid,

    This is a known issue that has been fixed in the Beta version and will be made available in the next release. In the meantime you can use the beta version found here:
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    JFisher reacted to Lee D in Max number of artboards?   
    Hi calerius,
    Welcome to the forums.
    There doesn't seem to be a limit in place, my finger got tired after 350 :) Obviously the more artboards, the more space and resources will be required.
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    JFisher reacted to doobie lit in Happy Easter   
    Happy Easter to you and yours from me and mine.
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    JFisher reacted to pioneer in facebook af design   
    Good afternoon.  I seem to remember somebody posting a design in the resource area of a FB cover size document.  I cannot seem to find it now.  Can anybody provide the link please? John.  Update sorry to post so soon, have now found it.
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    JFisher reacted to MEB in Blemish Removal   
    Hi AHM Photography,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Besides checking if you have a layer selected as JFisher pointed out, make sure you are working with a (Pixel) layer type. You can identify it looking at the label between parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel. If it's labelled as an (Image) layer, right-clik on it and select Rasterise.... You can then use the Blemish Tool as usual.
    Image layers are considered an object layer type. They retain all original images attributes and can be transformed globally (scale, rotate, skew) but cannot be edited at a pixel level. You will get a layer of this type when you use the File ▸ Place... command, use the Place Image Tool (Affinity Designer only), or drag an image from Finder or File Explorer to your document in Affinity Photo/Designer.
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    JFisher got a reaction from pioneer in Print dialogue in Designer   
    Hi pioneer :)

    We are looking to make improvements to the print dialogue in the future, feel free to post a suggestion in the Feature Requests section. For now, it might be worth exporting your file as a PDF and using a PDF reader/viewer to print many copies of your file. 
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    JFisher reacted to syphon in Widows trial expired immediately after installation   
    Thanks for a prompt response JFisher. I remember testing a few different applications a couple of months ago. However, I don't remember installing AP as I think that Windows trial was not available at the time. Anyway, as suggested I will try a different computer as I would really like to have a closer look at the program. Especially now, as Affinity is apparently working on a DAM which, in conjuction with AP, could replace my Aperture workflow.
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