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  1. After going through a lot of selective deletes on an iPad photo, it was terribly inconvenient having to select the area in one persona, switch to the photos persona to two-finger tap to select “delete” and then go back to the Selections Persona. I would like for there to be a way for me to do this all in the one persona. Right now, the fastest way is for me to have an external keyboard handy to hit the delete key on. That works in the Selections Persona.
  2. Ah, ok. I’m on a Mac so I’m not sure where they go if it doesn’t see Photoshop
  3. So, we can close this out. For people after me who may have this problem, here are the steps: Add the PS Plug In folder to to the Plug-in search in Affinity. Note: not entirely sure how this works if you don’t have PS installed at all Make sure “Use Unknown Plug-ins” is checked Click the “authorize global” button. This is the step I did not know I needed to do. After this, it worked fine.
  4. Bingo! Thanks. I didn’t think of going back to the Photos persona.
  5. Two-finger tapping’s contextual menu is just: select all, deselect, reselect, inverse. The video posted above isn’t terribly helpful since it’s for the desktop version and this is for the iPad. I usually have my Apple Smart Keyboard attached, but I like using the Pencil to make selections and keep the keyboard folded under the iPad. That said, if deleting a selection on the iPad requires a keyboard, for me that is a shortcoming to assume everyone has a keyboard.,
  6. So, I think I’m missing something obvious. After I’ve made a selection, how do I delete it? The only way I’ve found is hitting CMD-X on the Smart Keyboard.
  7. Great, thanks! I will take a look at it.
  8. Hi, My Adobe CC license runs out in September, I got Affinity Photo on Mac and iOS to try and reduce my dependency on PS. I read Photoshop User Magazine, and sometimes I come across something I'd like to learn how to do, but aren't sure if I can do the same thing in Photo. The attached image is from the June 2017 Photoshop User Magazine. I tried to only grab a small section do try and avoid posting other peoples work, but yet still explain what I am trying to do. I've read and googled displacement mapping and watched some of the videos on Affinity Photo, but I'm not sure if reproducing the style of image below is possible. Is it possible to do this in Affinity Photo? If so, I can spend some time figuring it out.
  9. Any luck with this by any chance? For now I can use LR to apply the filter if need be.
  10. Correct, I even tried downloading the free trials just to make sure I had the latest version.
  11. No joy: exact same IPC error. I've tried a reinstall after following Topaz's instructions for a clean install, but I wonder if something else is weird -- although as stated, it works fine on CC. I've seen some people having success with the Topaz filters, which is making me wonder if I am doing something wrong.
  12. I am also having the same problem with Topaz B&W 2 as well.
  13. Hi all, I am having a problem with Topaz Labs and Affinity Photo on my 2016 15" MBP, running latest production build of Sierra (not the betas). I installed Toaz Adjust 2.0. I added the folder to my plug-ins preferences search folder. That made the plug in show up, but whenever I try and use it I get the following error: IPC Memory in use or Image size is too big for the system. The actual image is very small: only 9.8mb. Searching on Topaz seemed to bring me to mostly Windows users. The plug-in works fine in Creative Cloud Photoshop as well/