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  1. Thank you so much for the information! How about syncing settings between a group of photos with identical lighting conditions? Is it feasible on AP for iPad?
  2. Hello all. I am currently looking into replacing my aging MacBook Pro. However Apple is on the verge of making the new iPad Pro available and according to the geekbench scores I've seen this thing seems like it's going to be a powerhouse. I am actually considering going "full mobile" and purchasing one of these. I am a Lightroom user and the mobile version is definitely currently not up to par with the Mac version with things as simple as being able to copy adjustments from one photo to others not being available. So my questions for knowledgeable Affinity for iPad users would be : 1. How easy it is to handle 100+ photos per session batches i.e. let's say I have 20 shots taken with the exact lighting conditions, can I copy the adjustments from the first photo to the others in a single operation? 2. How "do you live" on the iPad? What I mean, if I import my photoshoot directly onto the iPad I assume the photos will end up in the camera roll. I suppose I can then move them to the Dropbox app so they will sync to the cloud? Will I be able to edit them with Affinity then? Or would it be better to edit them from the camera roll and then move them to Dropbox? I guess what I am asking here is what is your workflow? 3. Is is really possible to only use the iPad or must a PC/Mac be involved at some point? Thank you for any information you can provide.
  3. Hello all. I am in the process of trying (very hard) to extract myself from the Adobe CC ecosystem. So far Affinity Photo seems the prime candidate. But there is just one thing. I realize that Affinity (like Photoshop) does not have a DAM built in but by any chance is there some way to copy standard adjustments (exposure, white balance, saturation, contrast, etc...) from one photo to another? If I have say 24 photos taken at the same spot with the exact same lighting conditions, Lightroom allows me to copy one photo's adjustements onto the others, thus saving me lots of time in editing the whole session. Is what I am describing feasible in Affinitty? Please say yes. :)
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