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  1. My computer froze while I was minimizing my screen on Affinity and the bottom right navigation panel that shows zoom in and previous editing breakdown box was removed from the Affinity screen put onto desktop. I deleted it from desktop only to find that that also deleted the panel in Affinity even after restarting the program. How do I get it back?
  2. For example one picture is 5184 x 3456 pixels before and after it's still the same pixels dimensions.. The unedited picture is 6.71MB and after it was 2.49MB. Basically all of my pictures after just light editing are over 2MB if the Jpeg quality is around 90% or higher
  3. Hi I started using Affinity Photo a few weeks ago and the quality is great but I've noticed that when I try and post the photos I've edited to Instagram or websites the photos are rejected or the thumbnail is black. Instagram and the websites I post to are very important to my customers and how I get business so please help me fix this. When I export I do Jpeg and I lower the quality to under 2MB which seemed to help until a file sized 1.92MB also didn't work. Also when I post a picture on Instagram I have to now zoom in to get it to show up which usually cuts off my watermark. It's not Instagram because I have the same issue on other sites and the same picture edited through a different software works fine.
  4. Thank you all for the advice and links I will experiment and let you all know if I have anymore questions.
  5. Hi I'm a car photographer and I just discovered Affinity Photo and love it I just have a specific edit I'm trying to achieve that I haven't found the exact tutorial for. I do a lot of rolling shots for cars and aside from the partial motion blur the camera does I need a way to intensify the motion blur when editing like in the picture. I found the motion blur layer and it didn't work exactly like the pictures, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but some instructions would be greatly appreciated! I want to note that I like the motion with the lines on the road not just blurred background and the car needs to remain in focus exactly like the pictures.
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