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  1. Hello all, whenever I create a new file and do my designs, layerings and groupings of objects everything is fine. Then I save the file in afdesign or pdf (for printing) format. So far so good. But every time me or any third party re-opens the file -> every layer and every grouping disappears. That means that every little dot - simply every detail is in one layer ungrouped. I am really desperate about that because it is simply not possible to work that way and I cannot find the mistake I am making. Can anybody help me by giving me an advice?? Thank you sooooo much in advance for your reply and support!! cheers Sisa
  2. Hello guys, I am reading through this because I am still having troubles exporting a document with different layers. When opening the same document in adobe ai it just shows everything ungrouped in one layer - even though the original version hast multiple layers and many named groups. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help!! Syl
  3. I just got the same problem that colors have changed to slightly different color codes in cmyk after exporting to to pdf print. I just don't understand why. Are your developers are still working on that bug?
  4. So MikeW, do I understand you right? If I export a pdf with layers I see those layers in AD? But if I export ai File with layers I don't see them in AD? Whats an Illy file? JFisher you are saying its not possible at all? it would be rough if not - what is the point then, if I cannot work on my existing files... :-(
  5. Hello guys, I am new to AF Designer - just imported my ai file and it seems the layers of my ai file are not imported. What can I do to see all layers in AF Designer, as well, and be able to work on them? hanky for your help