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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to Tinkernick in Inheritance   
    Issue / Task:
    Imagine you are creating a user interface or some other dynamic / modular design consisting of a variety of elements, sharing certain properties, such as
    color stroke width fx and many more  
    Possible Applications:
    Creating dynamic, unified color palettes for multiple buttons, knobs, input fields etc. Changing global or semi-global stroke properties on the fly Re-using existing designs while applying new schemes for a new entry in the series swiftly Speeding up changes to large-scale projects in general  
    Related Solutions:
    While Symbols allow for document-wide changes in properties within copies of the same object or shape, when working with a diverse range of shapes, groups and nestings can be tedious to impossible. Inheritances would speed up things considerably and add a whole range of possibilities.
    Implementation Suggestion:
    I would imagine the following workflow to be quite effective and straightforward, at least as far as my routine is concerned:
    Select and copy the source element Select the element to inherit a property Navigate to a window / tab with any property (such as color, stroke, fx etc.) Click the Inherit Button, a small, universal icon found in all studio tabs and windows. This property is now linked to the source element. Changing this specific property within the source element also affects this element. Click the Inherit Button again to unlink / disable the inheritance. Copying elements with an inheritance would preserve the inheritance for the copied element.
    I hope this makes reasonnable sense - of course I would be thrilled to find out something similar was already available in Affinity Designer.
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    nikolai.ylirotu got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Designer for macOS - 1.7.2   
    Well done and thank you !!
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to Alfred in Image Tracing in Affinity Designer?   
    Did you pay for your web browser?
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to gdenby in Image Tracing in Affinity Designer?   
    Hi, chilly7
    You really might want to try Inkscape. I've used it on  Macs off and on for years. It must run under X11 windowing system developed for graphic display in Unix systems, so the performance is less than perfect, but acceptable. The interface is also somewhat clumsy. But all the functions I've tried worked well. I've had reasonably good results.
    I haven't tried any color traces w. more than 16 colors, and the photos were carefully smoothed, unlike what is shown in the Illustrator tute. But the results still produced thousands of paths. For the kind of work I tend to do, deleting tiny specks of color, or tweaking hundreds of nodes to ensure nice smooth paths, is almost too much. I would find photo resolution traces almost useless. Why would I want to produce a vector image that is almost a big as the photo, and when enlarged, will have similar visually distracting detail.
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to MikeW in Image Tracing in Affinity Designer?   
    And yet there isn't anything to lose trying InkScape except a little time.
    Or, because Serif has stated they only plan on releasing a trace routine if it meets expectations and is comparable to what can be considered the best, you could always go plunk down the cash for Vector Magic. At least it isn't free...
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to edesigned in Dutch hyphenation missing   
    I use publisher Beta on my Macbook and the Dutch spellingcheck is working here....
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to MEB in ¿HowTo: Turn off annoying purple object borders?   
    Hi deeds,
    Go to View -> Snapping Manager and uncheck Show snapping candidates.
    There's currently no way to change the color of the background other than filing a layer with a solid color.
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to fde101 in Crop images in publisher   
    Create the shape you want to crop to, then drag its layer in the layers palette over the thumbnail of the layer you want to use it to crop.  A highlight line should show up to the right of the thumbnail of the layer you are cropping while you are holding the mouse over it.  This will turn the shape you are dragging the layer entry of into a mask.
    With the layer being masked expanded to show the mask layer, select the mask layer and add an appropriate gradient to it using the fill tool.  Reduce the opacity of some point on the gradient to reduce the opacity of the edges of the final result.
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to MEB in Crop images in publisher   
    Hi jnskrft,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    There's a non-destructive object based crop Tool you can use to hide the parts you don't what. Just select the image and the Crop Tool and drag the handles to hide the parts you don't want visible (this will add a vector mask to the image - expand the image layer in the Layers panel to see the nested mask). If you still want to get ride of the hidden parts, right-click the image layer (not the mask layer) and select Rasterise.
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to h_d in Open images from Publisher to external editor.   
    Hi @nikolai.ylirotu,
    I suspect you'll get something like that when they implement the Photo and Designer personas, which aren't enabled in this first beta:

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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to Paul_Hol in Open images from Publisher to external editor.   
    It would be really useful to open the image at the exact size it's being used on the page to allow optimal sharpening for the output process.
    In addition is would be even better if it was possible to do this with all photos used in a publication in a batch process.
    Getting photos sharpened optimally makes a significance difference for photographic reproduction.
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to toltec in Converting mask to pixel layer   
    Hi @nikolai.ylirotu
    You have the channels hidden and no layer selected. Select a layer first.
    Make the channels visible by clicking on the rounded arrow (circled).
    Right click on a channel.

    If you want to do it from a mask, obviously you need to create one first.
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to Herojas93 in Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview   
    Where I can find the beta link? 
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to Onca4242 in Hiding selection indicator.   
    Could be that I'm just obtuse and am not aware of how to do it, but the lack of ability to 'hide' your selection boundary for photo editing (Command + H in photoshop) is tremendously frustrating, especially when you make manual luminosity value selections. Many photos become uneditable, with marching ants filling the whole screen. 
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    nikolai.ylirotu reacted to MEB in Flowing text from one text frame to another in Designer   
    Hi nikolai.ylirotu,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    No, this is not possible in Designer. It will be introduced with Affinity Publisher later (not released yet) and eventually ported back to Designer.
    There's no eta for Publisher.
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