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  1. 1. Setting when placing images in a document to scale them to the document size on import (would not change their aspect ratio though) 2. TGA import/export support 3. DDS import/export support
  2. Mystical

    Release date estimation

    Yeah I have Davinci Resolve and use it for video editing. Was not sure if it can do the same type of motion graphics effects that AE can do though. I know it has Fusion built in for compositing but didn't look at the full extent of effects it could do yet. If Affinity Photo had keyframes for all its filters/masking/effects and a way to output the workspace in motion graphics it would be a dream come true lol
  3. Mystical

    Release date estimation

    I'm not a fan of subscription based programs either. I found adobe replacements for almost all the programs I did use in their suite except for After Effects. I'm still searching for an alternative since that program is so unique there are no real competitors for exactly what it does sadly. Affinity Photo is pretty close with its cool non-destructive layers though, not having to setup smart objects first like in photoshop is very nice. If Affinity made an after effects 2D/3D compositing motion graphics program I'm sure they'd knock it out of the park. 'Affinity Effects' actually would sound like a cool program name.
  4. Mystical

    Release date estimation

    I did not realize the windows version did not have GPU acceleration yet. I've only had Affinity Photo for a few days but it is so smooth and runs very well I assumed it did already. 1.7 sounds to be really awesome. I too heard about Adobe buying Allegorithmic, I mostly use 3D Coat over substance but like their texture creation tools. Been trying to distance myself from Adobe products lately and when I heard the news it made me decide to get Affinity finally after thinking about it for a while.