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  1. That is good to know its optional and also Affinity will continue to support offline mode of the tools. It is one of the huge reasons I left Adobe and bought all the Affinity products in their place. As long as the online sign in stays as merely an extra option and has no impact on offline tool use I am ok with it. I have more faith in Affinity than adobe, though I will admit I've seen similar things happen with like substance painter where they said they wouldn't remove perpetual licenses and do just that a year later backtracking their promises. So I will stay vigilant when it comes to any required log-in features for a program I bought that previously didn't use it before.
  2. I'm definitely still hoping one day DDS support can come. They added TGA support last year and it has been invaluable for me. Right behind JPG and PNG I pretty much am exporting files with the TGA format daily. I'd definitely get good use out of a robust DDS export format as well.
  3. Awesome as always to see new updates for Affinity Photo.
  4. Hello, Yes after I raster the grouped folder I zoom in 100% at least and I can see the raster issue. I've also noticed that if I zoom in closely the issue does not appear to happen on the one I am looking at but some of the other layers out of view do have it always occur. However with larger canvas sizes (like the one I uploaded) its not possible to stay zoomed in on all the layers so the issue happens no matter what unless I re-raster again, then they all magically seem to look ok.
  5. I searched all over and could not find any issues reported similar to this so not sure if Affinity team is aware of it. Essentially when I rasterize a group of layers that are in a folder group (usually these layers were scaled down and there are multiple grouped together) some odd raster effects appear. What is even more odd if I undo the raster operation then right click and raster again it completely fixes the issue. If I undo the operation but use the history panel instead and apply the first raster I did the same issue will appear. I am not sure how redoing the same raster operation fixes the issue but here is what is looks like: Incorrect first raster where it is all pixelated: (sometimes it makes it half pixelated) Undoing the raster and re-applying it fixes the issue where everything appears smooth: I have plenty of memory and with the affinity project file open its only using 16% of my ram and 0% cpu usage so I don't think its a processing power issue where it cannot raster correctly. I am using Affinity Photo windows version I have to constantly re-check everything I raster becasue this seems to happen almost 70% of the time especially for images in groups that were scaled down. I don't think its a particular file format either as I've seen it occur with SVG and PNG files in the same grouped folder and it randomly will affect different ones in a raster.
  6. Very cool to see an update so quick, been looking forward to this one.
  7. Thank you for continuing to investigate the issue. The brush resizing issue has definitely been plaguing my work on 1.8. I have lost count how any times Affinity has froze on me where I had to restart the program to regain control. At least I now know my freezing issue is not an isolated incident and others are able to see it at least. I'll have to try the beta version when I get time and see if there are any improvements.
  8. I've noticed if I just open a document and resize it usually freezes but then a few seconds later I will regains control. If I have had a document open for quite awhile working on it then try to resize the program just hardlocks completely and I have to close it with task manager too. Again, this issue never occurred for me in 1.7.3 and I have always had my performance set to GPU using my Nvidia 2070 Super so pretty sure the issue is from something in 1.8 changed. I've just been fighting through it by saving my documents very often so I don't have to do any work again if the erase brush resize crashes the program.
  9. Yes I am using a mouse when this happens as well. I hold alt+ctrl + left and right mouse buttons to expand or decrease the radius and freezing begins to occur.
  10. I am experiencing this issue since the 1.8 update where the erase brush tool freezes my application every time I increase or decrease the brush radius. It sometimes will take several seconds before I regain control of the application again and in some instance I think the program has just hardlocked on me. I have always had my performance setting to GPU and I have a Nvidia RTX 2070 Super so I don't think its my hardware, I did not experience any freezing like this in 1.7 either. I've been working on a 4096x2048 document as well in-case that extra info is helpful.
  11. Thank you for the future TGA implementation, this is fantastic news. Thank you affinity team.
  12. I didn't want to push the envelope on feature requests but I too agree, DDS would also be awesome to support but if I had to choose I'd still prefer TGA was added into Affinity Photo first. If its not too much trouble all Affinity team needs to do is implement an exporter for TGA and its the end of the story really. Other than the fighting going on between a few members in this thread (which I hope affinity team does not write this thread off due to that) I hope the points made by several members of why we want TGA support will suffice as good reason to have it added. If Affinity Team does not want TGA as a core exporter because it does not fit their vision maybe have it as a plugin. This way users could choose to install and anyone who sees TGA as 'bloat' won't see it unless they use the add-on. I'm pretty much looking for any alternative or compromise we can get to have TGA a reality in Affinity Photo.
  13. There are also cases I need TGA output becasue the game I am working on only has tools that allow TGA file conversion to the native game file texture. If Affinity Photo is able to allow TGA output with 24 and 32 bit +Alpha option it would make the workflow a lot easier for sure. I would prefer to not have to export from Affinity and use 3rd party programs to then convert a Tiff or PNG to TGA, especially if I am actively working on a file in affinity and need to output a TGA multiple times.
  14. I too would love to see TGA support come to Affinity Photo. The program is really great and my #1 feature after 1.7 would be to have TGA export support still. As others have mentioned I primarily use Affinity products for game development/creation and sometimes I need the direct TGA output. I am fine using 3rd party PNG to TGA converters but I do hope one day I won't need to anymore (for sake of workflow and speed) and Affinity can have the built in export function with alpha and 24/32 bit options.
  15. Congrats on the release, been looking forward to 1.7 for sure.
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