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Non destructive Mesh Warp Tool

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This feature, yes!

With the recently vastly improved support for Photoshop smart objects, this is the last piece of what's needed for a lot of my workflow - non-destructive mesh warps. The attached .jpeg shows the difference between what photoshop allows me to do in mocking up a label application on a round object (slight curves to follow shape of object) vs what imports into Affinity photo (stretched, flat shape with no curvature distortion unless I first rasterize it). 


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Yes, please!

Same goes for the Perspective Tool - or any other tool that transforms, bends, warps, whatever, a bitmap layer.

I was (negatively) surprised recently when I learned that the Perspective Tool is destructive. That does not fit well in the picture, so to speak.


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8 minutes ago, John Rostron said:

@Adam_D, you may be interested in this macro I wrote for wrapping a label around a mug or bottle.


Thanks, John! That is certainly useful to have in my toolkit! 

The request for non-destructive mesh warps is still high on my wishlist - there are so many more instances than could be covered by this (or similar) macros that I still turn to Photoshop to accomplish and the more that I can accomplish in Affinity Photo, the happier I am ☺️

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Windows 11 (Home) build: 22H2-Version  22622.440 -  64 bits.  Intel core i5 -10400F  2.9 Ghz. 
Ram: 32 GB  DDR4 -3200 Mhz-  34" wide screen
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Affinity Photo - Designer -  Publisher - ArtRage 6 - Aurora 

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