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  1. Thanks - it looks like this beta solved it (as far as I tested) so looking forward to appstore release and then I will test it thoroughly.
  2. This happened few times already over last ~1-2 weeks - when I open few images (either from NAS or from downloaded files or for example from screengrabs saved on desktop). Loading x documents is in Photo's title bar and it never loads. Files are few megs and on an SSD and it was instantaneous usually. Force quitting and relaunching app doesn't help. Only opening each of the files individually works. The activity monitor shows ~300% of 400% max usage and app doesn't do anything. I have attached screengrab and also sample of the app - hope this helps. Sample of Affinity
  3. Thanks carl123 for the tip- will use it but still it is a bug and crashes affinity and I think the aim is to fix all possible bugs crashing the app so it should be solved either way
  4. Chris I tested latest beta on mac and this still remains there Also you can add to the list that if crop is part of macro which will then change other things and flood selects etc it creates completely wrong images... like it does crop but then uses full image for calculations but in fact the image is now smaller. It is less urgent as if i make one macro for crop and then second for other things and then just add two actions to batch it works ok but still - maybe for later fixing. PS. We love you
  5. I discovered intriguing issue! I made 700 images like the one attached and wanted to make a macro to cut them out of the background. I noticed the selection brush and flood select did not work as they seem to take into account only luminosity and not all channels... I realise in most cases this is ok but in this case it should be selecting the black "hand" part and not the green rim while it selects it whole... it must be same value just different hue and this is why it is being selected? I think a tick in these two tools similar to Edge aware that would say Color aware would be needed. I realise it may be slower but in some cases it just won't work. And I have spent few hours yesterday trying to figure out how to create macro that would isolate glove itself... I will probably end up making images again with something red covering the hand but this issue still remains and there should be an option or this.
  6. Please add Cmd+Shift+0 in Photo as it works in Designer. It drives me crazy when I switch to photo and it doesn't work
  7. Hi There is a problem (wasn't sure if to report it as bug) as when I create new A4 document at 300DPI and another new A4 document at say 144DPI then when I copy an object from first which has 10cm and paste it into second document it should be still 10cm. Now it takes into account DPI rather than actual size and if there is half the DPI the size will be around 5cm which is very problematic. I will appreciate if you can take this into consideration. Possibly this may be already addressed in 1.6 but I decided now it bugs me for long enough to report it
  8. project independent - happens in old and new files When refine selection is part of macro Affinity Photo just crashes instantly
  9. Hi. I am using ImageOptim app to optimise PNG, SVG and JPG files when exporting. For me it would be brilliant if these free algorithms they use were implemented into designer/photo and option in preferences would be added to save JPG/PNG/SVG files always optimised for web using them so it would auto select/deselect new option in export panel to optimise/compress for web in export panel or export persona.
  10. I apologise not reading this topic as I have a short deadline but there MUST be an option to cancel Union boolean operation.
  11. I have a suggestion. Option to adjust text area container to actual current text content - this would be handy when I want to space them vertically so I get nice spacing between. Possibly for Publisher but Designer could have it as well. This should work on multiple text areas selected as well
  12. along with movie here In essence. When exporting png/jpg from a document with artboards when I export an artboard and want to rescale the export it calculates the second dimension wrong. The resulting image is out of proportion. Please note: when I select another artboard than the one I selected on the layers list and then back the initial artboard and then enter size the size is calculated correctly
  13. My problem happens when I am: doing screengrab, dragging file from desktop to Deaigner, cutting that object with cmd+x pasting with cmd+v (same with selecting object, clicking insert inside the selection and then cmd+v) pasted object looks different than original - colors washed out and changed in weird way This happens when the file I am working with is press cmyk. I am attaching the difference between dragged object and what gets pasted (right)
  14. If it will happen again I will try to send it to you.
  15. These two were generated with same settings one by one - first was generated black/white and second time it worked correctly in colour. Very weird and happened to me at lease 10-15 times before with different files.