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  1. There are two options needed - one is obviously missing for some reason and second would be handy. Missing is the cog from the gaussian blur in Effects panel as blur also scales when scaling object. Second that would be handy is a direct option to scale with object next to fill opacity field in Effects panel
  2. Hi I have mixed feelings as it seems booleans are better yet now I got a stupid error when doing simple boolean - I saved file history with this file as well boolean.afdesign
  3. I also tested it on beta with same result. The problem was 99% that when exporting as All Pages if hyperlink was done on a Rectangle instead of text it causes errors.
  4. I have an update: When exporting as All Pages it seems that objects (in this case rectangle) to which I added hyperlink causes export error. It doesn't when exporting as Spreads...
  5. Thanks @thomaso ! Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce your success - I cleared masters (thanks - I did not know about this one!) but I still got the same error. One solution I came up with was exporting for offset print (PDF/X-4, Colour space and profile As document, Embed profiles, Do not convert image colour spaces, Honour spot colours, Overprint blacks, No Hyperlinks or layers, Include bleed) which worked but without links. Generally from good few tests I did it seems that changing settings to PDF 1.4 or higher, in order to enable Include hyperlinks, makes the export break. So in this document I can't export as All Pages and include hyperlinks... which is crazy as it works when I export All Spreads.
  6. I have rasterized all graphic files but I can't export it as All Pages. I used to be able and then I exported as Spreads but now I really need it as Pages. Export settings for web @ 300DPI without bleed and All Pages I tried from my second computer and from hard drive to same hard drive instead of from NAS and no change. After ~15-20% progress I get: An error occurred while exporting to: Please help - I need it quite urgently and don't have ideas how to do a workaround. Ideas? Katalog-konferencje-2020.afpub.zip
  7. Hi @Sean P I have made further tests and sending you result there First is when I opened the source from NAS, Saved as > on desktop and then generated tiff - WITH BLEED Second is then I copied the source to desktop, opened it and generated tiff - WHITE BLEED Interesting indeed!
  8. I wasn't able to replicate this saving error since I posted this issue @GabrielM As for bleeds it seems random. I posted issue when I tested just empty new document where I draw rectangle and move it s it intersects with bleed area. I since then tested it many times in few documents - once or twice it worked. Now it works for me in new documents but only for simple shapes - when I open pdf I uploaded here in issue below it includes bleed but when I turn View > Show Bleed it displays just background colour behind artboard instead of the bitmap layer
  9. Exported PDF with Include bleed option and bleed was exported properly. Then exported TIFF also with this option selected and bleed is added but white. Source document was created in 1.7 from mac app store version - not in previous versions. owijki-paletowe-flat.pdf owijki-paletowe.tiff
  10. When I export pdf file to NAS I get a second window asking for authorisation and when I do I get generic export error. Also bleed preview is not being displayed
  11. Hi when I design for print in CMYK I export print files in tiff or pdf but when I make previews cor client I want to save lower res in RGB JPG and with each file I have to go into more settings in jpg export panel to force export as jpg. I basically never save jpg as CMYK, as in many cases result is some psychodelic colours ad clients think it is how it will look like. Would it be possible to add a tick in Affinity settings to have RGB as detault for exporting JPG?
  12. As in subject it is uncomfortable not having stamp tool in designer and transparency gradient and artboard management in photo and I don't mind it being in separate apps but it would be splendid if I could add a button in toolbar with photo logo and designer logo in photo to switch current document to the other with one click
  13. @R C-R it was in May - how does it work? Do you by any chance also have latest Designer on it? I am very curious how both apps work on the iPad 2018 + Apple Pencil combo. It is not very likely I will be able to test it in apple store with affinity installed on them so I'd appreciate your review on it!
  14. It is something I do every time when I crop image... it seems such a waste of time to have to click it each time. It should either remember last setting or have option in setting to make it default. If there is such option please guide me to it as I wasn't able to find it. I suppose this should affect crop in general and in Develop persona as well Cheers!
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