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  1. Thanks, John! That is certainly useful to have in my toolkit! The request for non-destructive mesh warps is still high on my wishlist - there are so many more instances than could be covered by this (or similar) macros that I still turn to Photoshop to accomplish and the more that I can accomplish in Affinity Photo, the happier I am ☺️
  2. This feature, yes! With the recently vastly improved support for Photoshop smart objects, this is the last piece of what's needed for a lot of my workflow - non-destructive mesh warps. The attached .jpeg shows the difference between what photoshop allows me to do in mocking up a label application on a round object (slight curves to follow shape of object) vs what imports into Affinity photo (stretched, flat shape with no curvature distortion unless I first rasterize it).
  3. Gabe, are you actually responding to the issue identified in this thread? It was not about missing elements when importing EPS. I just bought a pen-input monitor (XP-Pen Pro 15.6) and have the same issue as the OP - Affinity Photo does not display the brush size indicator when using the pen. Instead, the program displays the standard mouse cursor. If I move my mouse, Affinity photo will display the brush indicator and its size, but as soon as I start to actually draw (or clone, erase, etc) with the XP-Pen pen, the program displays the windows pointer again. This makes Affinity Photo very much less than ideal for use with such a device.
  4. yes, that makes sense. Maybe fde was just not recognizing that I circled back from the main subject of the thread (image trace) to the secondary subject of the OP (data merge) when he said "this really belongs in Designer"
  5. I use Inkscape when I need to trace something, and just import the results to designer. Given the amazing value of Affinity software, I have no qualms with this solution. Admittedly, I don't rely heavily on image tracing but I have trouble imagining it should be a deal breaker. Can't speak to 'data merge' re: Publisher. Is that a crucial function for layout software?
  6. Yes, as fde said, I just took a screen shot and placed some new icons atop that. made a couple icons from scratch and pulled others from the free icons at https://www.iconfinder.com/ I really don't mean to suggest using these icons, just wanted to have a quick look at the Designer UI after flattening out the icons I feel look too dated. You can have a look at the designer file I made if you care to - it's attached. designer icons.afdesign
  7. It's not a small request, I know, but I'd love to see the UI receive a little more love - such as more options regarding padding on toolbars. CorelDraw I recall being awesome at allowing you to refine this. But mostly I'd love to see the cartoony icons abandoned. Flatten them out and simplify them. I did a quick mockup that I would call far from ideal, but I'd happily use these over the existing icons, which just look too cute and dated for my tastes. It's not really too many icons either - I rather like most of the top-bar icons, but the basic tools like the pen, hand (I may be overly sensitive, but it particularly bugs me that its coloring is race-specific), magnifying glass, etc don't feel like they belong in modern, professional design software.
  8. yes, that works fine. I still want default behavior to avoid zooming in to my image. I will fairly often open a large number of low res images at once. For instance, editing the photos to be included in an email. And to go to each one and need to apply even a simple keyboard command is just annoying - someone at some point settled on the behavior to always fill the workspace with any image opened, or edited, and it doesn't make sense to do this even for very small image. I'd still like my feature request to be considered.
  9. as a web designer, I frequently work with images that are much smaller than my monitor size. So it is quite annoying in Photo that on opening (or after certain kinds of edits) the zoom of the image is always defaulted to whatever size fills my workspace. This means small images are a mess of pixels. I'd really appreciate the option to default the zoom to 100% for smaller images and fill workspace for larger images.
  10. clearly, what I want to do can be done in Designer - it's part of the promo video for the software. But I remain at a loss as to how one does this. I don't need a full video tutorial - just a bulleted list of the essential steps would suffice. Pretty please :)
  11. I have been looking for some time now for an explanation for what's going on in the few seconds of the Designer 1.5 video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybPzM1NO9lc&t=1m8s can someone point me to how this kind of thing is done? It's a sort of real-world-object design mockup I do kinda frequently in photoshop using 'smart object's and would love to figure out how this works in Designer or Affinity Photo but so far I'm at a loss.
  12. Indeed - this proved an unpleasant surprise to me today. Mocking up a website in Designer and will need to hand off to my programmers as a psd file with editable text. This missing feature is a big disappointment. And given how highly Affinity touts the interoperability with photoshop/illustrator it really blindsided me. I don't regret my purchases of photo and designer at all! Great software and I look forward to needing CC programs less in the future. But I don't like that I now need to recreate my design in photoshop.
  13. Anyone know of a workflow in Affinity photo that would facilitate making isometric, extruded rendering of otherwise flat objects, such as accomplished with this kind of photoshop action?
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