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Beyond Horizon - Game made with Affinity + Unity

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Beyond Horizon is a 2D side-scroller game focusing on story and exploration both on land and within the stars. Explore dungeons, towns or fight space pirates with your ship, while uncovering the lore and the secrets behind the Sigma and the original race, all of this is just Beyond the horizon.

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What is the game about: 

Beyond Horizon follow Aito after his grandfather suddenly has to leave, 3 years later with no return he tries to save up everything he has in-order to afford a spaceship to go after him. 

While on a routine mission to find a missing cargo supply he comes across a stone that once touched absorbs into Aito giving him powers along with a map to 8 location. Unknowingly awakening an evil force to his location.

Now to save his town the only option is to flee, they attempt to lure the Sigma away with his friends in a stolen spaceship, now the only option is to run. Following the map to each location in the hopes to stop this Sigma killing the system. 

About the Project:

Beyond Horizon is a small project I've been working on for a couple of years now, starting off as a 2d pixel art game before moving into this mixture of vector and semi-realistic textures that I started to play around with while working on an illustrated calendar.

I'm currently working on this project solo so production on the game has been slow (along with changing a lot of things required to re-start from the ground up) and I felt like I should start sharing the project.
Below are some screenshots and videos from my work in progress of the game.
UI + Combat version 2:
World 3:
Player House:
If you can help support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame (if you can't thats fine share the word about the game:
Also Join the community: https://discord.gg/WdP4dyg
Than you for checking out the game and I hope you have a great day.
Game links:

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Back with another small update. Been working on uni stuff with my silent ocean posters (learn more at: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/59126-silent-ocean-campaign-2018/)


Shop is now in game:



And I've been adding more stuff to the starting zone to give it more life. What do you think? Now need to work on towns people.








Also here are some chests:




And a spooky cave:




I've also been playing around with the main characters ship design, what do you think?




Thats all I have for this update. I hope to be able to work more on the game soon >m<!!! 




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Another update for Beyond Horizon is here!!! Last time I showed off the outside of the ship the player will use to get from location to location within the game.

Now its time to show off the inside of the ship. The image is a bit hard in the screenshot below (it game it will be a little brighter but the point of it was meant to fill old and dark) What do you think of the ship inside?




Next, I would like to show an update on the starting world and some changes made to the background and lighting.



I've also started working on the next area within the game, a desert style planet, this will introduce the player to some key components within the game. Below you can see some planet type objects.



Along with this a small video showing off an early WIP of the level.

What do you think about the new level design/style along with the side of the ship?

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

Also just for fun here is a before and after shot of the outside of the ship design from the last update.


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Back again with another update! This time I will be showing off the cave within the desert level. The cave is the first "dungeon" in the game. This area is still in early stage so feedback of how it looks would be great! I plan to add some glowing plants to the area to try and bring some more life to the area and some basic enemies will soon be in the level. 
On top of this zone, I've also been working on one of the space stations in the game, this station is overrun by outlaws and people trading items on the black market.
There has also been a lot of back-end work on the game setting it up with Bitbucket + SourceTree to allow other people within our growing teamwork on the project.
After the space station is done I will be starting work on a new level!!! So hopefully in the next update, I will be able to show off the finished space station + update to the cave and some very early screenshots of the new area.
Also if you think you might be able to help out with the project please email me at hello@andrewsalfinger.com where currently looking for a character artist.
Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

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UPDATE 5 - Character animation!!!:

Early this week you may have seen a post on Twitter about some character animation I’ve been playing around with for the game. For this update on Beyond Horizon I’m happy to share with you some character animation for the game. These animation are still early in development and are subject to change tho I would love your feedback on how they look / what you thinks need to be improved.

Character animation:




Main Crew - David, Hiroki and Kiyoko:




Masato, Aito's Grandfather and Junk Shop Owner:



Apus - Towns people:




On top of the character animation where also currently working on the following:

  • Dialogue System

  • Dungeon AI

  • New character set up

    • From feedback the character arm will be getting fixed along with a new combat system

So whats next? We will be working on some more character designs, continue on working on the dungeon AI and new character scripts along with starting to plan out a new level in the game!!!




Don’t forget to you join the “Beyond Horizon” Discord sever where you get early news about the game's development along with giving feedback to the game and showing off your own work. Join today: https://discord.gg/4H5pg2Q

Till next update, I hope you all have a great day.

Website: http://bit.ly/BeyondHorizonGame

Twitter: https://twitter.com/behorizon_game

Discord: https://discord.gg/4H5pg2Q

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2m1Vd2v


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Announcement trailer + more:
Our Patron is live and now its time for an announcement trailer check it out below:
Along with that we also have a new video showcasing the Virgo Majoris desert + cave area along with new music for the game.
If you can help support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame (if you can't thats fine share the word about the game:
Also Join the community: https://discord.gg/WdP4dyg
Thank you for taking the time in reading this dev log!!! I hope you all have a great day.
Game links:
Unity forum:http://bit.ly/2LAOmbP
Affinity forum:http://bit.ly/2Jd5Gpa

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on how the game is going as we head closers to the demo lunch window for the game (Mid to early Q4 2018).  To start off the update lets head into a dungeon!!!
In the video, above you have two types of AI, ground, and flying based, there both in early development (and will have different styles of attacks that can be triggered) but it allows us to see how combat works and changes we need to make to the design. What do you all think?
Below you can find break down of each section of the development 
Mr. Brick has been doing an amazing job with the monster AI for the dungeon section of the demo, at the moment he is working on 2 out of the 3 AI that can be found lurking within the dungeon (one ground and one flying AI) After the 3 monsters are completed he will start work on the Boss for the level!!!
Along with this were also started working on the dialogue and cutscene system that will be within the game to this is still only at the testing point but soon will be implemented within the game.
With almost all the character sound effect and inside house sound design completed Jason has been doing a great job design amazing sound effects for the game with him currently working on the first world (outside area sound effects currently) Soon we will start to share some of the sound effects on Patreon so get ready!!!
For music, Krystian has done an amazing job bringing the game to life with the soundtrack!!! You may have heard some of the music already in the gameplay and trailer videos along with starting this week if you support the project on Patreon for $1 or more you can get access to work in progress of new music for the game, the fist track you can hear at: http://bit.ly/2M5L1FN 
Character Design:
With only 6 characters left to be designed (within the demo version of the game), character design development is going really well and we will be able to share more designs soon so keep an eye out!!
Level Design:
Where up to the last world (fishing town) for the demo currently in work is a completion date within the next 3 weeks we should have all level design assets completed for the demo allowing a larger focus being shifted to the core game design and getting everything really for Q4, 2018 demo.
To fishing off this update below you can see some of the animation used for the enemy AI's including some that were not shown off :O
This was only a quick update and did not show off much the game is coming along well and I can't wait to share more of the project with you soon!!! 
Don’t forget to join the Discord group to give feedback and share your own work as well: https://discord.gg/JfpTPpX
You can also help support the development over on patreon from $1 or more: 
If you support the project with $15 or more you could design an NPC, monster, boss or a WHOLE world within the game!!!! :O
Thank you for taking the time in reading this dev log!!! I hope you all have a great day.
Game links:
Unity forum: http://bit.ly/2LAOmbP
Affinity forum: http://bit.ly/2Jd5Gpa
Edited by shizumiaoki
Adding some new animation .gifs from the video.

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Well I need new socks because you've just blown mine off, what an awesome effort. 

iMac 27" Late 2015 Fully Loaded, iMac 27" Mid 2011 both running High Sierra 10.13.6 - Affinity Designer/Photo, Publisher Beta, Illustrator CC, Inkscape, Blender, Sketchup, Pepakura Designer, MTC, Pixelmator & Pixelmator Pro + more... XP-Pen Artist-22E, - iPad Pro 12.9 B|  

Affinity Help - Affinity Desktop Tutorials Instagram & Flickr

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Fantastic project.....and so much work.....

APh & AD + Beta AD | APh + Beta AP RC2
APu Beta

OS:Windows 10 Pro 1809 OS Build 17763.529
Rig:AMD FX 8350 and AMD Radeon (R9 380 Series) Settings Version 19.05.2(Adrenalin, 
Radeon Settings Version
19.1.1) + Wacom Intuous 4M with driver 6.3.34-3



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Under the Horizon - Dev update 7


Welcome back to the “Under the Horizon” Dev update 7
Some of you have asked us “Hey when is the demo coming out?” The demo version of Beyond Horizon will be available to be downloaded around the week of December 10th.
Along with if your around the Perth, West Australia of that week there will also be the full demo playable at the SAE showcase. We also have a number of other gaming events around that time windows where the game will also be playable so keep an eye out on these blogs and our twitter/facebook and Instagram for updates on these events.
New Map:
On the topic of the demo version of the game, you might have seen a sneak peek at the last level within the demo on twitter. So let's take a deeper dive into the world of “Serpens Kentaurus” Above you can watch a video showcasing the new level off :O and below check out some images!!!!
You can also download these images as wallpapers over in the media section of the website. Click here to view them all.
“Serpens Kentaurus” a planet you find along your journey, it’s home to a small fishing town located on an island surrounded by the same, to this place won’t look clean and. beautiful for every something happens to the island of fisherman and it's all ready to late to help them…

Player / Combat Update:


In the last “Under the Horizon” Dev update we showed of the combat system within the game and from our community’s amazing feedback its help shapes the system a lot. So what's new?
  • Made enemy AI attacks slower to allow the player to dodge attacks better.
  • Change the rate the enemy AI fire rate
  • Made the enemy AI player detection better (since if you jumped or a raycast would not hit the player the AI could not see you making it hard for them to hit you)
  • Added the 3rd AI to the dungeon (screamer)
  • Allowed the player to shoot when walking backward
  • Chest is added + loot
  • Inventory/pickup system
  • Some small tweaks
Check out some of the UI added to the current build of the game!!!!
Main UI:
Inventory + weapons selection:
Settings UI:

New Characters:

With a new world to explore also means new characters to meet. So lets check some of them out!!!!
Fish shop owner:
Fish shop owners son:
Fishing town, towns people:
Pig boss:


Now its time for some more amazing music from Krystian Pawlowski, these time its the track you will come across while exploring the first dungeon within the game, check out the track below.
Thought out this week we will also be showing off more tracks for our Patreon members, and from $1 or more you can get access to these tracks and more: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame

Sound Effects:

A game is not complete within sound effects so over the past couple of months Jason our Sound designer (folio) has been recovering some of those sound effects for Beyond Horizon. Below you can hear a sample of those effects you will find within the game.
Spaceship flying: http://bit.ly/2xGNQUq
Player gun (basic): http://bit.ly/2xTg3GO

Game Progression:

What are the main changes since the last update?
  • World 3 (before) added
  • 3rd AI (Screamer) added to the game
  • AI 1 (runner) secondary attack added
  • Inventory system / UI
  • UI
  • Chest + loot system
  • Door + key system
  • Changes to AI to make combat easier + more fun
  • Changes to the character and camera
With the demo release around the corner (the week of December 10th) are we on track for this date? As of September 23, we are on track within all departments of the game to deliver the demo on time.
With the last level currently in the works once this is complete (around a week or so) all art assets (level design, characters, and other items) all be complete.
Character, AI, monsters, and object animation are currently about 50% complete (with the new level it had added some more animation’s to the task but looking to be on track)
Music is coming along well with about 5 tracks left to record (out of 18) and as you herd above and in the past its sounding amazing!!! We will also be releasing the demo soundtrack online with royalty free license attacked to allow other game devs, animation, and other formats to use the tracks in their own product.
Sound Design:
Sound design has been delayed by 3 weeks tho where still on track for the game and over the next couple of updates you will be able to see even more folio effects both within the updates and in game.
As you saw in the new gameplay video a-lot of tweaking has been made to the player and combat system along with some new featured added to the game plus a new enemy AI type added and now Mr. Brick is currently working on secondary attacks for the AI along with polishing them up and then moving onto the Boss fight within the game.
You can keep up to date with the game progression over on our public notion board: https://is.gd/HYkUsj
Thats it for this “Under the Horizon” Dev update. Make sure to follow the game on twitter: https://is.gd/8MxYxk to keep up to date.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope you all have a great day.
Don’t forget to join the Discord group to give feedback and share your own work as well: https://discord.gg/JfpTPpX
You can also help support the development over on patreon from $1 or more: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame If you support the project with $15 or more you could design an NPC, monster, boss or a WHOLE world within the game!!!! :O
Thank you for taking the time in reading this dev log!!! I hope you all have a great day.
Unity forum: http://bit.ly/2LAOmbP
Affinity forum: http://bit.ly/2Jd5Gpa

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We're back with another “Under the Horizon” update as we move closer to the demo version of the game coming out around the week of December 10th, we all can’t wait for you all to finally get your hands on it and play the demo version of the game!!! This has been an amazing joinery so far and where looking forwarder to after the demo and realising the full version of the game, we could not have gotten this far with out your amazing support, and for that I say thank you to you all!!! and with this update, it’s loaded with new updates to the game and more amazing music!!!!
Let’s start off with new areas within the game!!!

New Maps:

Fish Town Inside:
Within Update 6, we showed off the new level “Fish Town” now within the same level we would like to share with you all the inside to the “Fish ShopHouse”
Ooo.. the dreamland, a place of darkness and evil, you will find out a lot within this area :O
Space Station:



The space station is now in-game with some amazing effects and particles and with moving asteroids!!!! Don’t forget to pick up items while on planets for trade here, but also don’t get ripped off this is not the nicest of space station…
Aito’s Space Ship - Inside:
In order to make it to all the planets, you will need a ship to take you there.
Aito’s House - Inside:

Other art:



People lock their doors, right? So you will need keys to unlock stuff!!!



Look out for chests within dungeons, they will have health, loot, keys and more!!! We have now added opening animation to them!!!
Lore Stones:
Just like the chests, these are hidden within the dungeon, If you find them you could learn more lore about the area you're within.
While exploring the caves deep within the desert you may take some damages you lose to your health so make sure to look out for these in order to get some of your health back.
Speaking of damage watch out for this cannon :O It could kill you…
Oh yeah, there is also these spikes to look out for….
Main Menu:
In order to play a game, you will need to start it right? So check out the main menu for the game!!!

New Music:

A new update means even more amazing music Krystian, chest out the 2 new public tracks and 1 track that is only available to our Patreon.

Demo Progression update:

We are progressing well with our week of December 10th launch of the demo, now with all main art assets done, animation’s are done, music only has a couple of tracks left then polish and with programming the boss AI to be completed and the dialogue system!!! We are also close to finally letting all of you play the demo version of the game. Tho there is one more thing, there is one last art piece that has to be complete and you will have to wait to “Get your hands” on it when the demo comes out, keep a watch out on our twitter for more information coming soon: https://twitter.com/behorizon_game
Want to help support Beyond Horizon? Become a patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame from only $1 gain access to patreon only posts, discord title and more!!! From $15 or more create your own NPC, monster, boss or a whole world!!! :O
Unity forum: http://bit.ly/2LAOmbP
Affinity forum: http://bit.ly/2Jd5Gpa

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With the demo coming out this Friday on December 14th, making this the last dev update before you all get to play our first demo for Beyond Horizon! 
We still have a lot to show off (Tho will still be keeping some stuff secrete so you can experience it for yourself on the 14th) Where tracking along well to hit the target date, tho we have needed to remove some stuff that would have been within this first demo, this includes the space station, fish town, and dream world. These levels will not be making it into the first demo of the game this was to allow us to spend more time on the cave/dungeon level to make this play well for you all! But don’t worry these levels will be within the second demo coming out next year so keep a look out for that!
To start things off let's check out some new music for the game:
SpaceStation (update): http://bit.ly/2SB4zk3
Fishing Town: http://bit.ly/2EcXZvZ
Within a game, you’re going to need a Dialogue system to help tell the story right? And now we are finally ready to show it off, at the moment it is kinda basic, you can trigger dialogue between characters in the world and trigger animation but that’s about it, we will be looking into making this better with event triggers, actions, and more to come to within the first demo its a tests to see how the basic version works. So let’s see how it works.
Just chatting: 
Here is an example of Aito walking up to his grandfather and talking with him, this dialogue both triggers text and animation.
Also, NPC’s for example with the starting town though out the game will change what they say each time you go back to them.
Here is another example of the dialogue, where this event is triggered by the player with again text and animation.
It’s time for loot:
Before when opening a chest it would show a look animation above, now Its been changed thanks to feedback to better help tell the player what they got and that's with an image a show showcasing the main item they got out of the chest.
Where also added checkpoints to the game along with animation to tell the player the checkpoint has been activated + some text to tell the player what it is that just happened.
The boss:
With any dungeon, you typically have a boss at the end of it for the player to defeat, and with our first dungeon, our final boss is a gorilla!!! This gorilla builds on the movement for the base creates within the dungeon with things such as how to use the dash with creatures. We won’t show too much off with this so you can experience it for your self.
Oh, we have also added jump poof effect to the player!
And that's it for this update, it was a short one tho we did not want to show off everything you can experience within the demo. We hope you enjoy our first demo of the game coming out December 14th and don’t forget to tell us what you think via twitter email. 
Where can you download the demo from? Well here is a couple of links:


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