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  1. dalischka

    Tea cup illustration

    good gravy!!! that is incredible!!!
  2. dalischka

    Beyond Horizon - Game made with Affinity + Unity

    i love the style of the worlds! fantastic work!!!!
  3. dalischka

    Portrait of My Bike

    nicely done!
  4. dalischka

    Sketch concept

    those are amazing!
  5. dalischka

    Some guy

    Great work! I especially like the subtle texture in the hair
  6. dalischka

    Coffee cup with spoon

    awesome work!!! agree with Dan's comment on the spoon reflection, particularly impressive
  7. dalischka


    Thanks, Garry!
  8. One of my first vector works in Designer... and what I imagine when I misread "planetarium" (which is often). Your comments, feedback, and most of all, time, are much appreciated!
  9. dalischka

    DAUB Pencils

    Awesome! Thanks!!!
  10. i had the same issue with the font menu and the beta is working perfectly. i can't say enough how fantastic designer is for what i need, thank you! eagerly awaiting your future updates!

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