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Affinity Designer: measure line/path length

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I created an entire neon sign layout in Affinity, specifically to get my path lengths, before unfortunately finding out this isn't a feature.  I love this app so much but this would be a huge feature for the makerspace and people using Designer for cnc/laser printer uses.

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+1 to get length information.

I need it on curves too!

In Coreldraw you can go in properties and select the curve and it will be there, also if the curve is a curve and not just straight line. Perfect if you want to measure, let's say, the neckline or the armscye. In real life you would run the length with a flexible ruler.


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if you can live with an approximate measure, you might use this method (in Photo, don't know if Designer has identical histogram):

Assuming that you have one object (shape / curve etc) you want to measure.

  1. Copy object
  2. New from clipbboard (we need the object isolated and change the fill/stroke)
  3. Ensure that line width is in pixel (not points, change in Preferences->UI)
  4. Set fill to "none"
  5. Set stroke to blue HSL 240 / 50 / 50
  6. Add procedural texture with A=sign(A-127/255) (this blocks out partial visible pixels which would inflate the measure)
  7. Look at the histogram, at "Pixels" (just above the "Min"). It will show the count of colored pixel - this is the extimated path length.

I tried this method with some test objects like rectangles, circles, and freestyle path, and found the error below 5% (check yourself)

  • a square of 100px size should give 400
  • a circle of 100px diameter should give 314
  • When you rotate the circle or move it, the measure shows about 315 - 326.

This is only intended as a workaround, i fully support your feature request that Photo / Designer should provide a measure function.

When you use fill instead of stroke, you can measure the surface area in pixel.



path length.afphoto

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30 minutes ago, BlueDonut said:

Is there any update to measure the length of a path? We need it to laser cut shapes. Illustrator provides the length of all paths selected which is what we need. Also having the length of the path is generally useful for accurate work. Thanks.

As far as I know we’re still waiting on this feature… 

It’s possible to measure a single straight line but not a curved line or line with corners. 

Agree that this is a much needed feature… I also do laser work and other things that require precision and measurements. 

hopefully not far away…..

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there is an app called graphic that has fantastic dimension tools, measures any path. its so good for this one feature but the app has not been updated in years so I am not sure it will be with us much longer. Affinity is so close to perfect for me I would love to see this feature.  (sooner the better please)

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Add my name to the list. This is crucial for pattern making in leather. As it is I have to take my design to Graphic and measure the paths.  Unfortunately, Graphic for iPad is dying and iOS 15.4 pretty much killed it.

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+1 for wanting to use Affinity for sewing patterns and in dire need of the path measurement info.

I'm still stuck using (and paying for) Illustrator until this feature is implemented unfortunately.

Do we know if the Affinity team are still aware (or interested) in even potentially adding this to a (near) future release?

I haven't bothered to use Affinity since realising it can't give me the path info I need. It doesn't seem worth it to design in one app only to try to port (and keep to scale and path/grouped items) into another just to get values. But I REALLY want to switch over to Affinity and drop Illustrator asap!

I should also note, none of the previously user-suggested ideas work for me because of the type of path measurements I need so those haven't been an option.

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Also would like to be able to use Designer for patternmaking work, and therefore being able to know the length of paths is absolutely crucial.

Considering that users have been asking for this for over 6 years, with little sign of interest from the developers, it is not realistic to wait, and more prudent for us to look for alternative apps. For those of you in the same situation, you may want to consider Inkscape (https://inkscape.org). Although it is not nearly as polished and refined as Designer, it does however have a built-in, easy-to-use 'measurements' extension that allows you to work with path lengths (and areas, and more) - and it's free. 

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Hard to believe that affinity can't measure!
Many people I know use illustrator to draw things that don't need the precision of a CAD software but yet need a reference to the physical world.
Without that affinity is just another cartoon drawing tool.

I just wanted to use it to estimate cable length on a floorplan and make a nice colorful layout for the construction guys.
Now I end up opening autodesk again, which can do it all but takes much longer.

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