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  1. I have yet to use AD a lot, so I am not sure how it works there. In CorelDraw it is not working any good so what I do there is use its Powerclip feature to fill the content with manually tiled objects of size. I do that rather than do pattern, and then pattern fill because of the poor adjustability of the latter that I simply do the powerclip route as it takes same/similar effort and at least let me adjust the content. Powerclip is when you turn one object into a container of kind, and the content can be wider than the object but the excess isn't shown. It isn't a replacement to a we
  2. If the delay is because they want to put in a good work with dynamic editing and whatnot it is better than them releasing a simple hack job like CorelDraw non-dynamic stuff. (with dynamic I mean ability to edit/recolor the content.. In CDR you are stilll, in 2021, unable to do it. haha)
  3. +1 for dynamic seamless generator! Illustrator also have a way of Seamless generator which is quite rich of features. CorelDraw don't have it but there are a macro you could purchase that would generate patterns. Not only rectangle but also 6 as well as 8 triangles!
  4. +1 for vector pattern tool. Please make it dynamic so you can edit the colors of the pattern.
  5. +1 to get length information. I need it on curves too! In Coreldraw you can go in properties and select the curve and it will be there, also if the curve is a curve and not just straight line. Perfect if you want to measure, let's say, the neckline or the armscye. In real life you would run the length with a flexible ruler.
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