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  1. Where do I find the “nozzle 1.png” file to download? Says provided in resources, don’t know where to find this. Thanks
  2. I am having same problem. Must be bug in otherwise fantastic program.
  3. No reason to sugar coat your response. Didn’t realize how picture quality would degrade in upload. Sorry you needed a picture with better resolution before you could suggest ideas for helping me understand how to better blend tones of two dissimilar photos. Fortunately I had some time to play around with adjustments specifically Levels and HSL & I was able to do a very good job of blending the two photos. My suggestion to others dealing with this question is to use those adjustments with pre-selected areas of the photo(s) so you can isolate where those adjustments take place.
  4. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the PS solution brought up by the link didn’t provide information I could apply to my question in AP. The image I am attaching shows an upper layer with a head of much paler tones then the under layer showing the neck of person whose head I’m trying to replace. Want to be able to blend the upper head to match skin tones of neck (and rest of body) of lower layered person. I’ve looked at many tutorials (from frequency separation to blend modes) & have not been able to figure out yet. I hope I am just missing something obvious that someone can point out to me.
  5. stokerg,

    Do you know the best way to blend skin tones from head/face of one person that I am trying to but on another body?

    Thanks again


    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor


      Can you please ask general questions like this in the questions forum, where others can benefit from the answer, and perhaps you would get an answer quicker than from the support team. Many users of these forums have professional experience and are willing to help others. 

    2. BJP


      Yes I will.


  6. stokerg,

    Thanks for reply.  I think my problem resulted from the Background image.  It was an image from internet that was somewhat pixilated itself.  I cleaned it up with paint brushes.  When I layered my text over this background image I think it assumed its pixilation.  Not sure if that's correct or possible but I was able to use the same text in other project without a problem.

  7. Trying to paste face of one person onto someone else body. What's the best way to blend skin tones to make as seamless as possible? I've tried many different methods but feel there must be a more logical way. Thanks
  8. Having issues with text looking pixelated, shadowy, fuzzy in project. Happens whether I create text within the project or create separate text only (not a pixel layer) document then try to copy/paste into working project.
  9. Thank you for your reply. This is precisely what I’ve been doing but I think I may have had a glitch in the software. Had to exit the program re-Open And it worked beautifully. Appreciate your reply, though.
  10. Thank you for the Quick mask tutorial. it really makes some selections much easier. I do have a question though, for some reason I am getting inconsistent color of selected item. Could it be that when I select the white brush I am not at pure white? It seems that there should be easy way to go back and forth between black and white rather than ever to use the color wheel each time.
  11. Ezra, I am making my way through the course. Well done. Although I am much more comfortable with my understanding and can follow I find the Adjustments & Filter section videos lack some of the depth of explanation found in the earlier videos. Question: I have several selections (of people) that I copied to their own pixel layer in Channels but I am having a challenge figuring out how to copy these selections into different photo. It's probably somewhere in the course vids. Thanks for the great work.
  12. I have made a selection and copied it via the channels to its own pixel layer. How can I copy this selection, or any other, into another photo?
  13. Are modifiable histograms available in iPad app as they are in desktop. Would make many adjustments easier to visualize and perform
  14. Histograms come up automatically in the Mac version when making adjustments etc. I think. I do not see them on the iPad version unless I push the metadata icon. Is there a preference settings so that I can have histograms appear and be manipulated in my adjustments etc.?
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