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  1. Is there a way to depixelate or unmerge ?
  2. Thanks Meb I think I understood the problem. When one merges layers the new layer become pixelated so one can no longer select the anchor points as you say. Is that right ? Is there a way to depixelate or unmerge ?
  3. That was surely a kind of bug because now the drawing disapears when I deselect the layer But my problem remains : it is always impossible to select my drawing with the nods tool. A square of selection appears unstead of the nods…
  4. Ok I dit that. But that does not change anything. There is a strange fact wich can explain the issue : when I deselected all the layers I still see my drawing on the page !
  5. Thanks Alfred Can you tell me how to do it ? >What does mean "marquee-select" ?
  6. In that recording I forgot to select the layer so on can see that I can’t select the shape with the second arrow to do a rectangle Here is the right recording : you can see that I can’t select the line with the nods but only with a rectangle...The result is the same with the first or the second arrow… C1A895C4-BFEA-440A-8466-026DC236B33A.MP4
  7. Thanks Can you tell me how I can join this screen record on the thread ? ok You can see the screen recording on the next post.
  8. Thanks I already did that. It does not work. I closed the shape with the pen tool and now it works !
  9. Hi everyone When I want to select a line drawn in vector mode with the second arrow without a tail that displays a selection rectangle around it and not the nods as it should be. Impossible ! Strange ? Can someone help me ? I have delected the right layer… I wonder if this is not an issue with merging and grouping
  10. Hi everyone I have drawn a line with the pen and I want to add an anchor point where it is not possible to to it. (I can do it on a part of the line of the shape but not between to points) So, with the arrow with tail I select the line I go to the op menu 3 points> "turn into curve" I go to the arrow without tail > I select the new curve> I click twice on the curve to add point : no way ! Can someone help me ?
  11. Thanks a lot Gabriel I read this doc but I have an issue… This is what I did : 1- I opened the small square menu with horizontal lines at the top on the right > I selected "add a category" 2- I opened the small square menu again with horizontal lines at the top> I selected "Rename" 3- I opened the small square menu again with horizontal lines at the top> I selected "new plain brush" 4- I went to edition> I set size, curve etc… I call this new pencil : "try" But when I open a new page and I select this new brush "Try" and draw a line : it is
  12. Hi everyone Is there a way to memorize a setting ? For instance a style of brush and its size ?
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