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  1. 15 March 2019, still waiting. Time to employ some more coders, lots of features requested years ago still not implemented. Cost wise it may be a replacement for Adobe but certainly not feature wise.
  2. You can't create a vector brush full stop. Making a brush from a PNG is not a vector brush. I need the "pattern brush" feature from Adobe.
  3. So when can we expect to see this CAD product. I also have a need for this feature.
  4. I had Affinity Publisher give this error of not being able to save, even when it was on the internal system drive. The culprit turned out to be a placed Affinity Design (AD) file. Once that came out it saved fine. Now that AD file was originated from an Adobe Illustrator file (opened and saved out to AD) so if that had something to do with it I don't know. Anyhow I exported the graphic out from AD to a png, placed that in to the Publisher document and had no further problems saving that file.
  5. If I had Illustrator I'd have opened the ai file in that. So it appears the styles method is the only option one has. Hey, it works.
  6. Ah, styles was a solution. Click item that contains the Illustrator pattern. Make that "style from selection" then you can apply that to a shape you want the pattern applied and edit with the fill tool. Though the adjustment handles don't show until you start dragging. I'd still be interested to find out how to get the original pattern out as a png/jpg. The patterned shapes in the file were cropped so they were no longer seamless. So exporting the shape wouldn't work. The only place the original Illustrator pattern shows is in the Fill Swatch on the toolbar, but how to extract it from the
  7. So I open an ai file in Affinity Designer that contained Adobe Pattern Swatches. Everything shows nicely and has the patterns applied. However as Affinity doesn't have Pattern Swatches. How do I extract the Pattern out of the file. Affinity nicely shows the pattern in the Fill tool as being a bitmap fill but I can not apply it to another shape nor find anyway to save it out so I can bring it back in as the usual bitmap fill.
  8. I'm shocked at the basic features missing from Affinity software, this is a classic example. First mentioned 2014, now it's 2018 and still not added nor is there any sign of Publisher, Beta or otherwise. Also simple bullets and numbered lists isn't available. Hopefully I don't find too many more basic functions missing as I am really starting to regret my decision to swap from Adobe to Affinity at this point in time. To top of the misery I need to purchase everything twice to cover myself both on Windows and Mac. It's been a real disappointment so far.
  9. Bugger. I have the same issue. Main computer is Mac and Laptop is PC. I'm used to cross platform licensing with all my other software so this does come as a bit of a shock. Perhaps I should have stuck with Adobe after all, as Indesign was my most used piece of software and it looks as though Affinity is dragging its feet with getting its publishing software released.
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