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How to Distort/Free Transform an image?

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Hi guys,

I'm having trouble to find a way to fit an image to another's perspective.

In photoshop I use the free transform tool. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find something similar here on the iPad.


The closest to it is the Shear/Rotation, but that's not flexible enough for my needs.


Can anyone please help me?


Thank you

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I still dont know where i can find it, im trying to add a shadow to an item i placed to make it look real and i would say that i can do it with the distort option but i still dont know where to find it on the ipad, and by the way, if you could tell me some ways to add a realistic shadow better than distorting a black image i would be very grateful, here are the images of the item, the bed i placed it on, and the item photoshopped on the bed without a shadow. Where is the distort option and what ways are here to make a realistic shadow for this item on the ipad? Thanks!




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Select the cube layer, go to fx, turn on outer shadow, click on it (ios app version) play around with settings below, you can add shadow, lighten/darker it, choose shadow colour and blending mode and add a blur. If you don't want it to be fixed on to the original cube (so a separate shadow layer) copy cube, make selection of cube, add new pixel layer and paint the selection in your shadow colour, you can later distort, deform, use perspective and blur fx to make it a fit.


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Wonder if this tutorial on the use of the mesh warping tool,might help





Affinity Photo 1.7, Designer 1.7, Publisher 1.7 on MACOS Catalina Beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7 on iPad Pro 9.7" iPadOS 13 beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 on Windows 10




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