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  1. Hi Coalman Correction canon EOS M5 is on that list and is supported I am afraid the canon EOS M5 cr2 is not a supported raw format, I have put a link below to all the supported camera RAW formats, this is updated as new oner are added.
  2. Hi Efwa The legacy range of software is handled by a different support ticket system, I will send you an email within the next 10 minutes or so to see if I can help you.
  3. Hi Threadzpeak There is a tutorial on this subject on the forum link below, scroll down to the text section and follow text on a path.
  4. Hi 2112 It is a little hard to recommend a blur as it depends on the image and the look you are after, I would advise trying them one at a time and use the context tool bar to adjust it, if you do not like the effect you can always undo it. I am afraid that the equivalent to the command and click is not on the i-pad version, I would advise putting this on the requested features section of the forum as our devs look at this for improvement ideas, I have put a link below to the i-pad section. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/44-ipad-feature-requests-suggestions-and-feedback/
  5. Hi 2112 The live filter does blend to transparency but if you check the option to preserve alpha this gives the same effect as the destructive method but in a non destructive way.
  6. Hi John On the desktop version of AF Photo click the view, studio, from here you can enable and disable the right hand tabs.
  7. Hi GaryLearnTech We do have something similar if you go into the develop persona you will find three squares on the top right of the desktop App, Clipped tones, Clipped shadows and clipped highlights.
  8. hi JW17 There is a lot of light in the background that is effecting the picture JW17 but I did manage to get some results using the develop persona, I use all of the following tools. exposure, blackpoint, brightness, contrast, a little clarity and shadows plus highlights. I have attached the results, you would get better results if you were to take the pictures with no light intrusion.
  9. Hi Clem I am afraid not Clem but if you just copy the original post and paste it into a new thread in the feature request it should be ok.
  10. Hi Clem I am afraid there is no way of setting the the defaults to read mm they will keep resetting to pixel when you start a new project, it may be worth putting this in the request feature forum, I have put a link to it below. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/44-ipad-feature-requests-suggestions-and-feedback/ When you setup a document in mm the measurements the document is set in mm but adjustments such as the transform studio will still show pixels as this is the APP default setting, may be worth putting this in the feature request forum to Clem.
  11. Hi quietleader If the objects are in exactly the same place on every picture then yes quietleader, but they would need to be in the correct place down to the pixel or it would remove parts of the image you do not wish to remove. I would advise testing this on four images picked at random to test.
  12. Hi Freddie009 I would advise resetting the APP if it worked ok last week and now it does not Freddie, to reset hold down the CTRL key and open the APP, when you get the clear button and once complete try the panorama.
  13. Hi Jon 60 pictures merging on an i-pad may be pushing the resources to the limit Jon, have you tried using a few less to see if this helps.
  14. hi JonDW This all depends on your PC Jon as each PC is individual in its configuration and resources, you could try closing down a few background programs to see if this frees up some resources.
  15. Dear Mr MattSim The App is still in development as such we do not know what will be included, we will know more closer to the release.
  16. Hi Ian Just done a little investigation into the macro and I think I have found a way to get the text and size working for you. If you create the macro but without the resize of the document. When you go to the batch job window select the format you want the images in, then in the width and height boxes put your 2400 x 1800 uncheck the A (aspect ratio) and it should output the macro with the text and the size you need. Just checked and at this point in time the macros cannot rename the image Ian. I hope this helps with the Macros Ian.
  17. Hi Swissonos A little difficult with the amount of spots but had some success with the following. Develop the RAW. From the layer, new adjustment layer, select channel mixer. Output RGB and red. Take the red right down to -200% Then use the inpainting tool on the rest of the spots that are left
  18. Hi Soka Tatt I have used the clone tool in the past to alter skin in-perfections lowering the hardness and the opacity to help it blend in, you could also use the recolour eye tutorial to adapt the method to recolur the skin, I have put a link below to the tutorial but I think you will have more success with the clone tool.
  19. Hi tomlamb47 Most unusual tom, could you make sure you select a basic brush and that opacity, flow and hardness are all 100% if you still get this opacity effect could you try resetting the App by closing the App then reopen whilst holding the CTRL key down, click the clear button and try the inpainting brush again.
  20. Hi Dlgoss This feature is not in the i-pad version Dlgoss, I would advise putting this on the feature request forum, I have put a link below to this forum. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/44-ipad-feature-requests-suggestions-and-feedback/
  21. Hi Chiefsub68 Could you do the following to get the size of picture you need. Select the crop tool. From the context tool bar, click the mode and select absolute dimensions. Change the units to your preferred units from the context drop down. Type in your dimensions in the boxes provided on the context tool bar. Move the crop over the area of the picture you wish to keep and click apply. Export the picture, do not change the size as the picture is the correct size as set by your crop.
  22. Hi Dave I do not think an SSD drive is the answer Dave as you have said once loaded it is in memory, a new graphics card may help a little but try closing some of the background progs first as it will release some of the system resources.
  23. Hi DaveA66 The speed does depend a lot on what is running in the background at any one time Dave, each PC runs different Apps, the not responding happens when your Windows puts the program on hold whilst it gives the resources to other Apps running in the background, this usually goes away when Windows allocates the resources back to the Affinity App. If you are ok doing so you may want to consider closing some of the background apps that you may not use. Could you provide more information of the spec of your PC please.
  24. Hi erickb I am afraid there is no way to shorten the process.
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