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  1. Hi @StevenS. Thanks for your response Everything is fine now. I'm not quite sure what the cause was.
  2. Good day! I'm not able to login to my existing Affinity account. It's giving me a 403 Forbidden error message when trying to log in. Please solve this issue. It's urgent! Thanks for your attention.
  3. Good day! Joining nodes has become a headache for me. It's not as convenient as we can see in Adobe Illustrator. Anyone can tell me how to join 2 overlaping nodes? I tried selecting both nodes using the node tool and hit the Join button. Seems useless to me. Someone please help. Best regards Tamzid
  4. Hey guys. I know the term Compound Path doesn't go with Affinity Designer. But I think it makes more sense if you've used Adobe Illustrator before. So this is a curve which is one single object. What I'd like to do is break it into pieces. Is it possible in Affinity Designer? Thanks for your attention!
  5. @firstdefence yes, that's one way to achieve the result that I'm after. But it'd be nice to have a simpler way to get the same result. Actually I've found a bug which I'm going to post very soon. Thanks by the way
  6. Good day! I was wondering if there was an way to start a new artboard from a new row and a way to customize the gap between artboards. If you guys know how to do so then please share the methods. TIA! 😃 I know I can do that manually. But it'd be great if there's an easier way to do that. Best Tamzid
  7. Hello everyone! I've a question regarding triming an object. Is there any to remove the transparent background as we do in Adobe Photoshop (Image > Trim)? Looking forward to your answers
  8. @Fixx sort of. But if you convert the compound path to regular curve then you'll no longer have access to the primary components.
  9. @walt.farrell hmm... We've to assign the shortcuts manually. Thanks for sharing the post!
  10. @walt.farrell one more question. How does this work? I've already tried but failed Could you please clarify?
  11. Hi guys! I hope you're so excited to have the newest stable update of Affinity software. However, I was going through this page and couldn't really understand this part (see attachment please). Anyone can explain how does it actually work? Many thanks!
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