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  1. @walt.farrell@Alfred never mind, it's possible to resize, just a little bit tricky and not like the other software. Sorry about the confusion 😅
  2. Good day! Just found an issue. I was trying to resize the Af. Publisher window, but failed. Can't grab any of the corners to be able to resize it. Is this a bug?
  3. @NotMyFaultTo be honest, I prefer H and W to be there. Position and h/w value are not same (I believe you know this). I've used pretty much all the popular design software, all of them have indications for height and width.
  4. I don't know about you, but I find it necessary/must to add the indication right before each box. If that makes the user's life much easier then why not adding them!
  5. I always struggle to figure out the height and width when resizing a document. It'd be great if there are some sort of indicators for the height and width.
  6. Good day. Anybody can share the proper way to convert RGB photos to CMYK?
  7. @Alfred thanks so much. I knew about this. It's simple, but there are scopes to make it even simpler. I posted 2 screenshots above. Could you please take a look?
  8. @loukash nope. I knew about this. How do I specify the columns and rows for the artboards? It's quite simple in AI.
  9. Adding equal space between all the artboards at a time Resizing artboards at a time Rearranging them at a time (specifying columns and rows) I can't remember the others at this moment. But these are the very basic staffs. Maybe I don't know the right process 😕
  10. It's a pity that the artboard management system on AD is really not up to the mark. I hope the devs work on this to make it more efficient to use.
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