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  1. Good day! I've a question. Is there any way to find the midpoint of a straight path? TIA!
  2. @Callum many thanks! Hopefully this issue will be solved in future update @GarryP thanks for the solution, although it's time consuming. We need a faster solution @carl123 thanks for sharing the link. Helped me a lot
  3. Hi! I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. Is it the selection box (blue outline) or the canvas size (white area)? Please clarify a little bit so I can help
  4. Good day! I know there is a way to turn this base selection box into a regular selection box. But that's just temporary. Is it possible to keep the regular selection box forever? Base selection box is not always necessary, actually less necessary than the regular one. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated
  5. Many thanks for sharing the methods! I know there are several ways to make a perfect half circle. But that's not my concern. I just wanted to know why divide was not working as it's supposed to do.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. Didn't know that divide command works in this way inside Affinity.
  7. Good day! As you can see, there are 2 objects in the attachment: a circle and a line. I was trying to divide the circle into 2 pieces using the divide Boolean operation but failed. I believe the circle is supposed to be divided into 2 pieces, but that's not happening. But why?
  8. th_studio

    Alignment panel.

    @mac_heibu thanks for your opinion!
  9. Each Affinity software has alignment option which is great. But it'd be much better if we can have a separate panel for it which we can dock anywhere as we wish. Currently we've to click on the alignment icon each and every time when we need it, and that's kind of boring. What do you think friends?
  10. th_studio

    Deleting node.

    @MEB that's OK. Just need some extra work
  11. th_studio

    Deleting node.

    @MEB thanks for your quick response! I knew this alternative way. Actually there are several ways to do this. But I thought the method I am talking about was available. Is there any plan to add this feature later?
  12. Hi there! I was trying to delete the top node of this diamond shape (Shape has been converted to curves). But when I select that and hit delete, the 2 adjacent nodes got connected automatically. Is there any way to avoid that connection between those 2 adjacent nodes when deleting the top node? TIA!
  13. @GarryP thanks a lot for all your effort. I've just found the solution (hopefully). I once set the nudge distance to point (unit) and then set it back to pixel. Now everything is working perfectly. It's moves one pixel each time I hit the keyboard arrow. Please give this a try and let me know if you have the same result
  14. Thanks everyone for your comments. But all I want to say is this is too complex. I'm so disappointed This is not how nudge or keyboard increment works. Creating pixel perfect icon is a big challenge. I turned the Force Pixel Alignment option on and still it nudges to decimal points
  15. @GarryP thanks for your suggestion. Fortunately this worked! I set the value for the pixel to 0 and now nudge distance is working perfectly. Not sure why it is so complicated However, thanks a lot finding me a solution

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