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  1. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    I think I may have found the issue. I was doing more research online and came across something that mentioned iCloud storage. I'd forgotten about that selection. I was continually focusing my attention under the General tab under Settings. I decided to select my name, at the top for the Apple ID. Then I selected "iCloud". Under there, you have manage storage and "Apps Using iCloud". I turned off both Affinity apps (i had the issue with Photo), which were on and in green. When I uninstalled, restarted then reinstalled, the fonts were gone!!!! FINALLY!! It seems it is storing the fonts there and bringing them back when reinstalled. Odd, because all the other times I reinstalled, all other settings actually went back to default. Everything was default except for the fonts, which kept reappearing. By turning off that iCloud portion, the fonts are gone. It was also happening in Designer. I reinstalled that one as well, for the second time, and the fonts in there are now gone. I decided to test with Designer a moment ago to see if the issue was with it as well and it was. The first reinstall, the fonts remained. But upon turning off iCloud for them, the fonts are now gone. Will see if the issue with quitting persists after reinstalling some fonts and some brushes, which was the primary issue. Then I will know it is most likely certain fonts or brushes, which is what I suspect was the problem, but couldn't verify because the fonts wouldn't delete! [NOTE - added @ 11:08am] Additionally, now when i leave and go back into the app, the state where I left off at remains (the document is still open to where I was working) without automatically quitting the app simply because I went into another app. So something might be amiss with iCloud.
  2. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    Also, when I delete the app, restart ipad, then reinstall app, all fonts are still there. How do I clean them out without having to delete them one by one, which will take me over an hour? I thought with apps, everything is deleted when you uninstall. I've reinstalled the app about 5 times already and fonts are still there when I reinstall. How is that happening?
  3. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    after repeatedly trying to open it, it eventually opens. but still will crash after a while of doing things. that is how i was able to check. it is happening sporadically, but with extreme frequency. sometimes within 5 minutes it will crash. sometimes a reopen will be met with a crash and it won’t open. another reopen will allow it to open, but then crash again in 5 or 10 or 20 minutes. reopen, crash before opening. it is literally that wildly varied and sporadic. if i leave the app open and do something in another app, rather than coming back to where i left off, it reopens the app all over again and i must start over and reopen the file i was working on. other apps don’t do that . i am able to select them and they are in the state that i left them. they only change state if i actually quit them and close them out.
  4. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    via fonts tab, as i wrote in my initial query.
  5. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    I notice something else strange. When I reinstalled it, the fonts I had previously installed are still there. I thought it should remove everything and clean install the Affinity Photo app. If not, is there something else I need to delete to get it to install without the fonts?
  6. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    Pretty strange. I did exactly as you suggested. I uninstalled. I restarted. Then I reinstalled. I tried to open the app and it quit! I did nothing but attempt to open it and it just shut down.
  7. iambia

    Quitting on Start

    Far too many fonts to list. And then there is no simple way to capture all of them via screenshot. Will reinstall.
  8. Added fonts via the fonts tab and some brushes. The app is now periodically quitting on start. Reinstalled it. Issue continues. Quits on start.
  9. I did a clean install on the iPad then reinstalled Affinity Photo & Design. Will see what happens now.
  10. Good day. What is the maximum amount of fonts that can be installed without Affinity on iPad (Photo & Designer) becoming unstable (e.g crashing, ultra slow start)? The actual tested approximate would be great if you have that.
  11. there is no way to see upfront how many i installed on the ipad. i do not see where that privacy section is on the ipad. please guide me again. i simply don’t see it.
  12. i didn’t know there are font management apps for ipad. which one do you suggest?
  13. opened fresh new file with default save location on ipad. periodically, selecting fonts causes it to crash. the issue persists with ipad as the new save location. could it be a font and brush issue?
  14. not document specific. tested by creating blank document before reaching ou to forums. same thing happens. brand new blank document, so whatever size Photo creates a new blank file as. iPad model A1964, 9.7 inch, os 12.11 1.21 TB in iCloud remaining, which is my default save spot. 26 gigs remaining on my tablet, which i do not use to save Photo files rebooted 3 times.
  15. every few minutes while i am working, it crashes. it seems to crash most if i am selectimg a font or working with brushes.

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