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  1. Yes. Paste app, a clipboard manager. Have been using it on my mac for nearly two years now (along with Affinity and other apps) without incident. What would have suddenly changed? Affinity has been working fine all that time with it…if that is it. Never had a problem in almost two years of using Affinity with it until just a few days ago. Also, only Affinity is having an issue. No other apps on my computer.
  2. I saw the update a little while ago and updated the app. Now it quits EVERY time. Just went to reopen the program and continue my work and now every single time I copy something, it quits automatically.
  3. Periodically when I select anything, a photo, a text box, anything, Affinity Photo will quit as soon as I copy. I must reopen it and recover the file. It has been doing it regularly now; every few minutes if I copy an item to paste elsewhere.
  4. Does nothing. I gave full disk access and even gave read/write to "everyone" and "wheel" in the apps info section, "sharing & permissions."
  5. I have discovered that there is only one place i can save to...the iCloud folder where Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are located, created by my iPad when I downloaded Affinity Photo/Designer. When I get that error, I can save to those folders without incident. When I restart the apps or my computer, I can save temporarily wherever I want. But then the bug kicks in and won't allow me to save, OR open Affinity files that are NOT in the iCloud Affinity folders.
  6. Wait, what? Just found this thread and you JUST taught me I can easily import Assets, something I was going to try today without visiting the boards cause it seemed common sense. I am here because I couldn't figure out how to easily import color palettes. And now you are telling me that something that takes up more space and is a larger file can be imported with ease, but not mere colors? I really came here thinking it was me not finding it. To discover it cannot be done is insane. Wow. I hope they fix this.
  7. You are correct. That is what I am asking. Not about it crashing due to a single corrupt font.
  8. i am not asking about the profiles section of the ipad. but thank you for that. great to know. i am specifically talking about the fonts section of affinity apps, which does not require i install anything directly into profiles.
  9. a bit off topic, but would you know approximately how many fonts can be installed before the affinity apps in ios begin to complain?
  10. FYI, it’s not just that font. I have been testing and any font I add, it does that. I go to add the font, select the font I want to add after a fresh install of Affinity (both) and it crashes before even showing that the font is installed. Then, once that crash happens, I am no longer able to go back to the fonts tab. Upon selection of the fonts tab, it immediately crashes.
  11. Importing from Files in Cloud (Sync), not iCloud directly. I also have the fonts on my iPad. Where is your internal Dropbox? Or am I attaching it here?
  12. Just reinstalled both Photo and Designer and tried to add one font. Just one. It crashed and now won’t allow me to visit the fonts tab anymore. When I select Fonts, it crashes. Oddly, it crashes in both now, even though I tried to install fonts in only one.
  13. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to stop crashing when I select Fonts. Now, to see if when I install fonts, the issue returns.
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