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  1. Nerdkidleo

    iPad generating export

    Hey guys! So I did a test, for the document it was just a line across the whole document. One curve that’s it. i tried exporting it on these various resolutions as JPEGs on my iPad Pro 2018. 5000 x 5000px 6000 x 6000px 10 000 x 10 000px 15 000 x 15 000px 19 000 x 19 000px (Took about 10 seconds but no probs) than at 20 000 x 20 000px and up.....nothing happen i just get “generating export” forever. I’m writing this after looking that the spinning circle for an hour. So...I tried this on my friends 2017 iPad and...it works! Soooo..it maybe a problem, compatibility with the new 2018 iPad Pro. Just putting it out there. Any of you guys facing the same issues?
  2. Nerdkidleo

    iPad generating export

    I’m currently using the 2018 iPad Pro. From some post on the forums they said something about turning off emended midi but it still doesn’t work for me. Also i can’t cancel. Once I touch cancel it goes to the workspace and when I try exporting it again it, the export screen pops up and it says “generating export” again. The one way I get it to stop generating export is to change my settings down to 5000 x 5000 pixels and once I do that I can export right away.
  3. Nerdkidleo

    iPad generating export

    Hey guys, yes I understand it’s little big but as you said your ipad could handle it no problems. But unfornately, it’s not happening with my ipad. And the drawing is not complex at all. It’s just a layout of a room. The export settings are at 20,000 by 20,000 at 96dpi
  4. Nerdkidleo

    iPad generating export

    Heya, I’m using designer and exporting and 20,000 px by 20,000 px jpeg. Basically I left it on for the whole night but it still says generating export.
  5. Nerdkidleo

    iPad generating export

    Heya guys! I am having a problem where it says that I am “generating export” on the export screen. I tried force closing the app and restarting the iPad but it still there. Please help! PS: Love the app! Carry on the good work!