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Getting Used To This Vector Thing


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edit: just watched calligraphic lines on YouTube. You can kinda do the same thing playing around with the pressure graph under the stroke tab, can't you? 


Calligraphic lines are what you get with an italic nib on an old-fashioned pen: usually thick for a stroke going from top left to bottom right, and thin for a stroke going from bottom left to top right (or vice versa). Try doing that 'after the fact' by fiddling with the pressure profile for a zigzag line! :o

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And its main purpose is to allow different stylized lines without having to create the style manually. Let's say you have a line style slinky shaped. The stroke shows a slinky shape, but the actual outline is just a smooth line. So you can draw or change any line, and the style will update by itself. Line styles are also changeable. You can have styles like doubled lines, railroad lines, and you get the idea! Silence!


I also forgot that you can currently do something similar with vector brushes, but you have to actually create the brush.

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Once again, it's been a minute since I last posted. Been practicing my texturing and panting work on and off for the last while. Haven't done much of anything worth showing off, but...

...I guess I'm finally starting to get decently decent at it. Decent enough to at least pop in and show off my rough work in progress




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And she's now finished! Got her placed side by side with the untextured original for contrast.

I did the rest of my weird kids before this, but considering I've kind of improved over doing three previous, they don't look quite as good as Bethers here. Gonna have to touch them up before I show off the group shot.

...well, I was going to show the image by itself, but for some reason, likely to do with color profiles that are beyond my understanding, it's changing the skin tone to pink whenever I upload it. So until I find out why it's doing what it's doing, here's a screenshot grabbed directly off the desktop.



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The images show you've a good eye for detail and spatial awareness. Also Gaussian blurs on top of each other and such are techniques that raise artwork above the proverbial 'flat' art most artists create. Layered (stacked) effects give better results. Great achievement for someone who is in the process of becoming acquainted with AD.

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