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  1. Just installed yesterday. Loving what I see so far.
  2. I'm just coming to grips with APh (Mac version), and I admit to rather poor vision. Even on my Mac 21" screen, the tool hint that appears in the upper right hand corner is too small for me to read. And, I can find nothing in the HELP file to..er... help me. It reads YOU MUST (SOMETHING) + CLICK TO SELECT A...... I just need to know what that (something) is. TIA
  3. Astounding. I sure hope this is the zero cal version! it certainly doesn't feel like it. Lon "Twix was never like this" in MacArkansas
  4. I like it. Simple, but has a far eastern flair to it. Nice!
  5. We have to get you some new binoculars, Avo!! And, to think that she was probably the cover girl for Andromeda's 2017 Swimsuit Edition!!! Lon "she had me with her eyes...all of them" in MacArkansas
  6. Er....doubly so! If I didn't live in jeopardy, I'd be homeless!
  7. Nice renditions, so far, BT. However, it seems to me that APh has kept the lens diaphram idea from PhotoPlus, and it feels like AD has kept the pen/pencil point from DrawPlus. As far as I can tell from the teaser video, it appears as though APub's logo has some stylized pages, similar to what PagePlus had in the past. I'm wondering how the cursor icon has fit into the Aweb "pretend" icon. Don't get me wrong. Any icon that you can dream up that gets Aweb to the starting gate is just fine with me, but I suspect the designers might reach back to the stylized globe/solar_system/web thingy on any actual Affinity Web package. It was only in the X8 version that they went to the laptop icon, and moved away from the web-like swoosh of rings. Lon "I'll take movie icons for $500, Alex" in MacArkansas
  8. Thanks to you all. Great stuff. I'm sending "Buzz Proofs" to all the studios today. Lon "ready for your close-up, Mr. Demille" in MacArkansas
  9. LOL, Arun! Download and install at will. Lon "er...sweating APub's arrival" in MacArkansas
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