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  1. Hello, I have a question regarding the afpub file size. I tried to include a afdesign document into the afpub (set as linked in the File Manager), but after saving the afpub file is still huge. Is the linked file always saved with the document? Is there any way how to exclude linked files from saving and shrink the afpub file size? Thanks Petr
  2. Hello, just a suggestion for improvement. When I place an image to document with bleeds so it is overlapping artboard and then rasterise the image, it is cropped to the edges of the artboard. It would be better to rather crop the image to the edges of bleeds not to the artboard. It makes problems when exporting PDF with bleeds and the image is therefore cropped incorrectly. Thank you! Petr
  3. Yep, below are my Export settings: And here is the PDF Output Preview (no bleeds, no spot colours): Thanks Petr
  4. Hello, my client wants to print certain image in one spot colour only (no CMYK colours at all) and I would like to find a way how to do this in AD. I tried to create Gradient Map Adjustment layer and create simple gradient with spot colour on one side and white on the other. But when I export it to PDF, the spot colour is gone, only standard CMYK remains. Also I noticed that when I add on top of all layers an object with spot colour, it is converted to CMYK as well even if it sits on top of all layers and should remain as it is. Another odd thing I noticed when using Gradient Map Adjustment layer is that bleeds are for some reason ignored when exporting to PDF. Attached is a test file with all layers and also two exported PDFs. First one is exported when Gradient Map Adjustment layer is enabled: spot colour and bleeds are missing. The other one is with Gradient Map Adjustment layer disabled. Bleeds are there, also spot colour for the text on top of the image is there, but of course the image itself is not toned to spot colour gradient. As Gradient Map Adjustment layer does not seem to be an option, is there anything else I can try to achieve spot colour only output? Thank you for any suggestions Petr pantone-test.afdesign pantone-test-1.pdf pantone-test-2.pdf
  5. Hello, just a suggestion – it would be great to somehow indicate that the text overflows the text frame especially when the "eye" icon is enabled to hide the overflowing text. For example make the "eye" icon red when there is more text that is hidden. This can be useful as I don't need to double check if all lines fit into text frames. Thanks! Petr
  6. After more testing and extensive exporting, I have found a tiny element which contained the Pantone spot color. Once removed, the crop marks were again set back to black. So the issue is resolved :-) It would be however nice to have Separation preview view mode where all CMYK and spot colors are clearly visible.
  7. Hello, after updating to AD 1.6 I have noticed that when I export the PDF file with crop marks, I can see in Adobe Acrobat Pro in Output preview strange "Pantone 7460 C" spot color. This color is not used anywhere in the document, it's just used in the crop marks and filename label. I would like to send the file to commercial printer, but they don't accept spot colors when printing in standard CMYK. Do you have any idea how to get rid of the spot color that is not used anywhere in the document and use standard black for crop marks? Thanks! Petr
  8. Hello, small feature suggestion - when moving object, sometimes the numbers showing the distance are not visible. It would be nice to solve this by offsetting the text a little bit. Thanks Petr
  9. Hello, I have found one small issue today: 1) Create a box and fill it with red color 2) Create Global color with red color (name it RED) and make sure it's assigned to that box 3) Create new Symbol from this box 4) Insert couple of box Symbols to documents 5) Edit red Global color and make it yellow. Confirm the change. All boxes should now be yellow. 6) Press Cmd+Z to undo the change -> You should notice that the Global color reverts back to red, but only the first appearance of box Symbol is now red. All other Symbols remained yellow (even if it looks like the RED global color is still assigned). Also it seems that from now on all Symbols are detached. Affinity Designer 1.5.5 Thanks Petr global-color-issue.afdesign
  10. jospo

    Copy and Paste Crash

    Just FYI, this does not occur in AD 1.5.5 Beta 1.
  11. jospo

    Copy and Paste Crash

    Hi guys, I am able to reproduce the issue following way: 1) Open AD 2) Create new blank document 3) Select Text tool 4) Click anywhere on canvas 5) Type some text 6) Press ESC to finish editing 7) Press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V ---> at this point AD always crashes macOS 10.12.3 (16D32), AD 1.5.4 Cheers Petr
  12. Hello, I have one small feature request :-) It would be great to treat user variables in Export Persona - Slices as "globals". To explain further, here is my workflow: I am creating multiple banners with different sizes for multiple products (there are a lot of banner sizes I need to create). For each banner size I create new Artboard. Then I define export file name for each slice based on variables: [slice Name][Width]x[Height]. This works great, but I would like to somehow insert the product name into the file name. This can be done in two ways: 1) Renaming all Artboards and insert the product name there. When I work on other product I need to again rename all Artboards 2) Creating user variable with product name and use it when defining file name: [slice Name][Width]x[Height][Product Name] For the second option however I need to create user variable for each slice so it's a lot of work. Now if the [Product Name] would be global variable, I can just change it once and use it in all slices. I hope the description is not so confusing :-) Thanks! Petr

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