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I'm wondering how many people here can really use Photoshop

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Photoshop CS6 is my main tool for some time now, since I stepped away from anything library / catalog related. Beside it, I also use onOne´s Photo Suite 9.5 and NIK components (all of them, some more, some less). I was mainly Aperture driven some time ago, with a short incursion in Lightroom 4 because it took Apple over a year to support the Fuji X-Trans sensor. Later I gave up on all that, finally plunged in the (expensive) CS pool when it was at 50% over here - still well over $600, take that into account when checking AP. 


Now Adobe is at the end of the road for me - I will not go to something subscription based if I can help it - so I´m really interested in Affinity. However, that comes with some caveats too, of which for me, at this moment, main ones are disk space requirements. It takes way too much in comparison, right now: no small footprint ACR equivalent, no saved settings... I bought both though, Photo and Designer, just to be on board while it evolves into something I could really replace Adobe´s stuff with (Publisher is not really something for me). Affinity is on track for all I can see, there is hope for a bright future. Those files sizes, however...  :unsure:

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And to add some more detail because I think I could not rely on AP for doing more work:


If I´d do a shooting and would start using RAW I would definitely want to apply certain batch settings to the RAWs in first place and also do very little manipulation to most of them and doing this in AP would be just a huge pain and even batch processing in AP would not work (if available) because of the file sizes...


That´s just how much a DAM is needed. But I think the developers know this as well...

Apart from that AP will become a truly great software!



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Used it since 1995, been using CS4 since it came out and never upgraded to latest cloud versions. Even so, can't say I 'really use it'. I use the tools that have proved most useful to my graphic and web design work, but there are areas I've not used and have never needed to.



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I've been using Photoshop weekly since CS3 was released. At work I use Photoshop CC 2015, and I can jump nearly seamlessly from that to Affinity Designer and back for the work I do. The type of design work that I do hasn't been limited by the Affinity software. Sure, things are done differently in each, and it takes a little fiddling to figure out how to accomplish something using Affinity, but it hasn't steered me away yet.

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It depends on what you are really asking.  Are you asking can people use this in all its aspect of technology, have mastered all the intricacies of the program?  Or are you asking is it a program that only absolute professionals would use? Or are you asking what people use Photoshop for?


As there are already a lot of postings here from camera RAW people I will answer this question as a more than normal user for graphics.  I do work for my spiritual organization - creating Visualizations and videos.  In most instances I am taking a already created outside image and making changes to it - it may become many layers deep and take a week or more to complete. But I also create images starting with vectors, moving them over to Ps to add effects.


I find Ps and Ai are overkill for my needs.  I tend to use the same tools mostly, over and over.  I found Affinity easier - as I still have an Ai subscription that doesn't expire until Dec I am still using it, but I intend to move over to Designer when it does.  I found for instance that Refinement Selection is a much better tool in Affinity than in Ps so that is what made me move to Affinity initially. Along with that nothing in Affinity is hidden, everything is where you can find it easily and you don't have to go searching through endless menus to find some new tool.


Affinity is faster and takes less RAM to run so for my purposes, I will stay with Affinity and grow with it.  The tutorials are easier because Affinity is a more intuitive program than Ps.  Plus everyone has to ask themselves - do they really want to be tied by a money string every single month for infinity to Adobe?  And what if they raise the rates?



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