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  1. Yes I locked up my 2013 i5 iMac trying to open just 54 raw files. 1st time ever my iMac has totally locked up.
  2. The haze tool is only in the beta, once well tested it will be in the updates I'm sure. The Beta is the latest out for testing for Affinity owners only. There are an amazing amount of tutorial videos already for this very new product and the help section is very good as well.
  3. I bought, it it is fairly simple but not bad for a newbie like me.
  4. I too would appreciate a guide book. I believe a PDF guide is coming and also there are lots of free tutorial videos on the net and a video series for purchase on the App Store for just $13.
  5. I don't if this will help now, but in future when a program freezes use the kill keystrokes - Command+Option+Escape from anywhere to bring up the simple “Force Quit Applications” window, then click on the app name to select, followed by clicking the “Force Quit” button, this will end the app immediately. Don't just unplug your Mac, do the above and if need be use re-start or shutdown.
  6. G'Day, I'm Rodney from Australia, a keen amateur photographer using my beloved Fuji X100S. I just bought the Tutorial for Affinity Photo thru the App Store, also lots to learn.
  7. Thank you for these terrific tutorials. It would be great if we could download all of them or buy on a dvd/usb something. Look forward to a pdf manual. Thanks for a great product.
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