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  1. I have been trying to get away from Adobe products and their subscription model, but AP's raw editor seems to be just an afterthought. My 2013 i5 8gb iMac locked up, for the first time ever, when trying to import just 54 RAFs. You will see on this forum people having raw problems with all cameras. I do hope the next update includes a modern usable raw editor, for the moment I still use the free DarkTable.
  2. Yes I locked up my 2013 i5 iMac trying to open just 54 raw files. 1st time ever my iMac has totally locked up.
  3. It does not see any of my externals either, card or drives. I wouldn't use it yet anyway, as the program locked up my machine on just 54 files using file / open. The moderator says thats not what it is intended for, I ask why have a raw developing section that can only do 1 file at a time, who works that way, we want to compare our shots, weed out the duds.
  4. Thank you. However most raw processors out there, even free ones like DarkTable, are not organisers and they don't choke on such a small number of files.
  5. I tried to import just 54 PEF's from a sd card and Affinity Photo v1.3.5 locked up my entire 2013 i5 8gb iMac.
  6. I also find Vimeo very slow, with lots of stop starts, youtube works perfectly, I hope all the videos will be put on youtube.
  7. There are Betas for both There are tutorials for both
  8. The haze tool is only in the beta, once well tested it will be in the updates I'm sure. The Beta is the latest out for testing for Affinity owners only. There are an amazing amount of tutorial videos already for this very new product and the help section is very good as well.
  9. I downloaded the png and it also crashes photo v1.3.5 and the beta, also crashes designer v1.3.5 and the beta on my 2013 i5 iMac with Yosemite. Preview opens it no problem.
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